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  1. There's a weird air in the energy tonight.

  2. That time Yugi said "I love you" to Joey.

  3. The current Cardfight anime downgrading Spike Brothers from gatekeepers to jobbers. Bitch move, Bushi. Bad booking. Spikes can get over everyone and everything and you know it. And you hate it. Cuz Spikes are the strongest deck.

  4. Hinotama is an illegal player-assaulting banned card.

    1. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      Why not ban direct attacks then?


    1. Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      saw this. its pretty amazing

      if we have things like this in Unsanctioned though~

  6. That one time a Battlizer turned the Red Ranger into a drug addict.

  7. Kanzaki and Claret Sword are back. Weakness is a sin. A SIN!

  8. The CowCow Who Sold The Farm

  9. " Facts don't care about feelings. I have literally never had one feeling in my entire life. I have never known joy, anger, sorrow, or fear. Only facts. On my wedding day the marriage guy asked "Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" All I could say in response was a rough estimate of how many train conductors are employed by Transport for London. My fiancee cried and ran out. I don't understand, why was she upset with the facts?" -YouTube comment

  10. Konami disapproves. Needs more futuristic cities and gimmicks that can't be used in the real game.

    1. Dae


      I mean, his idea is all good and all but Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's is the more commonly favorite of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise. That very much lacks a more personal endeavor than most things in here. Jack was the aspect of Kaiba without Mokuba, but because he came from nothing and rose to power instead of being gifted such an idea, it changed the narrative. The card game was set as a "conduit" for word invasion and had not much about trying to solve the "personal stakes" issue. Yusei was granted his personal history, yet did not seek to understand it.

      This guy's criticism of the anime breaks from the more popular idea of the Yu-Gi-Oh, where one of the biggest things is the mythical aspect of the anime instead of the fantastical element. At least with myth, it connects the card game to more historicity than anything. It worked with the post-apocalyptic style of 5D's, in that is focused on how the future has the ability to shape the past and re-frame the making of the present in order to correct itself. 

      This is where GX suffered, because it tried to accomplish all of this while not defining the mythological elements of the story for more fantastical ones that are fun to view without any background to how they came out. It is also why the last season is also great, because it pushed for more cohesive connected narrative that was refined by the bildungsroman aspect of Judai reverting back to his "fun" attitude.

      Arc-V also played with this well, until it started focusing on nostalgia to be the primary indicator of fan-hype. Bringing back characters instead of trying to create it's own myth left a lot to be desired while not fulfilling what the viewers were wanting out of those characters.

      Yuma sucked as a protagonist for this one reason; he wasn't connected to anything of the myth outside of his parents, with the story being fleshed out enough from the connection of the past. Yuma was everything that Yugi was not, a character that wasn't worthy of the gift he was given nor fulfilled the role that the "avatar" of him needed to be. They didn't humanize the "avatar" while keeping Yuma to be immature.

      Arc-V was just bland because it took out the mythological aspect of Yu-Gi-Oh to focus more on societal and "political" issues that push kids in the front of the problem, without connecting to the historical or mythological place of the story; This is not something the defines the characters well, since there is no growth to be had by the characters and everything that changes for the environment and atmosphere is outwardly rather than inwardly.

      My biggest problem with this guy is that he does not recognize anything beyond the audience connection to the anime, where the entertainment stems more from the lens of the main character and how they deal with the circumstances granted from problems of both the past and future in the liminal space which the collusion is occurring. Yu-Gi-Oh! has stepped away from this entirely, seeing how the main character changes the world around him by being a product of the world that was before or the one coming to be. This also ruins how the story concludes, because we don't see how the changes of the world that the main character caused also, in turn, cause the main character to change.

      I say, return to the idea of myth and mystery rather than simply fantastical, then try to push for what changes can be done that caused the problems of the time the story takes place and see how the character can shape that through their attitude while still being naive enough to rely on hope to change the world. Once the world changes for the better, have the main character recognize the change he has caused and come to terms with what he has done, in a positive light. This forces the character to have the heart the viewers connect to, while witnessing the growth of the character outside of the narrative, with the narrative being the forefront of the story. 

    2. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      The YGO series has been sent to the Shadow Realm.

  11. happy national nut day

    1. Godbrand


      Checked your browser history. You have excessively celebrated nut day

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