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  1. In all honesty, I hate Gigantamax. It's just a clone of Mega Evolution.
  2. spiritomb8


    hOi, I'm spiritomb8 and I make Yugioh cards as a hobby. The cards I make are based of Subnautica, they carry the Archtypes 'Subnautic' & 'Leviathan'. The 'Leviathan' Archtype focusses on bombarding the opponent with negative affects while also being immune to certain card effects. (depends on the Levi-card) One of the effects for the Levi-cards is: Can't engage in battle during your turn but using the opponent'c cards ATK instead. (Not a direct card quote) The 'Subnautic' Archtype focusses on bombarding effects at the opponent.
  3. This'll most likely be where I dump all my Subnautica cards.
  4. Watch JackSepticEye's playthrough of Subnautica
  5. Reverse the Polarity of the neutron flow!
  6. Another updated card. This ones for you @Dr. Jolly Glot the III Original is the Weaker one.
  7. I re-made one of my old card designs, Feedback is aceptable
  8. Annnnnnnnd, added a few more cards
  9. I find it quite good, my only question is; how are younger people going to know whats on a ban-list and what isn't? (But than again, They can always look it up.)
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