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  1. Tinker Gnome are a group of LIGHT Fairy type monsters that all revolve around Synchro summoning and getting tuners on your field but they all struggle in ATK but are pretty strong in DEF their archtype could all revolve around keeping a field spell of a that can flip their ATK and DEF around during the battle Phase Example Tinker Gnome Guard ATK 500/DEF 1800 level 3 effect monster Effect: When this card is summoned add 1 tuner monster to your hand. If this card is destroyed by a card effect summon another Level3 or lower 'Tinker Gnome' monster from your deck to the filed in face-up defence position Field Spell Tinker Gnome Rebellious Hideout Effect: If you control a face up 'Tinker Gnome' Card on your side of the field this card cannot be destroyed. During either player's battle phase Switch the ATK and DEF of all 'Tinker Gnome' monsters and switch all DEF posistion 'Tinker Gnome' monsters to ATK Behemoth
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