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  1. This is POTENTIALLY broken cards. We're not going into the otk on summon league
  2. Yh the app I used sucks so I'll either have to remake them or edit.
  3. So powerful it doesn't need xyz materials
  4. What about using Cyber Dragon, The Tricky, Power Invader, Galaxy Soldier, Solar Wind Jammed, etc.
  5. It was meant to be used with pot of desires and pot of extravagance. Also, I get where you're coming from with making it a zombie. But why just from the hand? That's what makes it potentially overpowered.
  6. For some reason this site keeps forgetting my password. So everytime I try to log in, even after putting my password I have to redo my password because it won't recognize it. What's going on? Is anyone else experiencing this?
  7. So does this mean you're making............Yu-Gi-Mon! *badump stsss*
  8. Thanks for the feedback. To clarify, when I said card effects that prevent it from attacking, I'm referring to not just battle traps but general defects that won't allow a monster to declare an attack like "Swords of revealing light", "Swords of burning light", "Ekibyo Drakmord" and others of the like. Also no cards say "for the first time this card would be destroyed". That section I got right.
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