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  1. I wasn't asking about that. I know what turn 0 is. I just wanted you to take a look at the new card in the Potentially Overpowered Cards forum
  2. Take a look at potentially Overpowered and give me your take on the card
  3. It was meant to have the "Quick Attack" effect.
  4. I feel you. The main idea of these effects is that since they're berserk and heavily anxious to fight, they go in somewhat unprepared.
  5. Here's one I made in my Dark Realm Archetype some months ago
  6. Thank you for the feedback. It is highly appreciated. Also for some of the confusion you may be experiencing, I tried making the effects akin to the design concept. For example: Skull Weaver: the attacker loses attack because I imagine them getting caught in a web kinda. Duster: I imagined like spores coming off of it as it flies. Also I made Latcher's cost that high because snatch cards are very powerful. If this card was real and had a lesser requirement, it would be instantly banned.
  7. This is POTENTIALLY broken cards. We're not going into the otk on summon league
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