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  1. Man, it's crazy how much the card layout has changed and how the quality has improved since then. It's almost a different game from way back. Most of my cards are from 2002 and older o_O
  2. Oh boy you're fun at parties... I put actual effort and time to make an interesting card and your response is incredibly insulting. My card still has to be made too since you basically skipped it. That was very dishonest and lazy on your part.
  3. Eh, how about some silly anti support which can't even be played Earth Level 5 Warrior / Effect Once per turn, if this card was Normal Summoned; destroy all face-up monsters with DEF less than this card's, then this card's original ATK become the combined original ATK of the destroyed monsters. Once per turn, if this card was Normal Summoned; banish face-down up to 2 "Gouki" link monsters your opponent controls, then this card gains DEF equal to the ATK of the banished monsters. "Gouki" link monsters which are unaffected by your card effects are treated as being affected by al
  4. Please follow PSCT. Also as Jolly Glot said, those are cards are incredibly under powered. I also don't see how sacrificing three spots in my deck which I would use for archetype support is worth trading for a card which has no synergy with anything. Btw the artwork for the Rune of Starlight is off centre and it's bothering me a bit. The artwork for the last three cards don't have the same style as the first four, so that is also distracting.
  5. Doigt

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but the new world is ruled by angry carnivorous and divine Alpacas. They require 500 million sacrifices per year to satisfy their hunger for human meat. Good luck figuring who dies and who with your anarchy thing going on Wish #6: Please explain how Wikipedia's bureaucracy work.
  6. Banned for not using Kelvins.
  7. Doigt

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, in his attempt, all of the world's alpacas were killed to feed his tricycle drivers. Wish #5: I wish Satan became an immortal blobfish, forever stuck in this useless form, so he can no longer torture me.
  8. Doigt

    Corrupt a wish

    Wish granted... Wish #4: I wish the Alpaca from earlier doesn't make it in time and gets his soul eaten by the hellhounds, allowing me enough time to escape.
  9. Doigt

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but they'll only play with you once and if they don't like the game, they'll leave before the game is over. Wish #3: I wish the Alpaca from earlier would stop attacking me, it's not like I'm responsible for his death and clearly he is just a brute for victimizing a peace-loving guy like myself.
  10. Doigt

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, you now have a dead alpaca. Wish #2: I wish I had known how awesome pointers are much earlier in my programming career.
  11. Doigt

    Corrupt a wish

    You have no idea what you have unleashed. Granted, now he picks just about everyone's nose but his. Wish #1: I wish it would actually rain cats and dogs each time someone says "it is raining cats and dogs".
  12. Doigt

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but you'll soon realize you did not want to know and now you'll live forever cursed with the horrible knowledge you foolishly ask for. I wish someone would not corrupt my wish.
  13. Those cards are very well written and designed. The mechanic of the deck is interesting. I say, go for it, I cannot imagine why they wouldn't approve. Most custom cards have neither the design quality nor writing quality shown here. However, some of the cards do seem a bit unimaginative, like I recognized a few of the effects to be almost identical to real cards.
  14. For what game is this?
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