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  1. Do you want me to put some stuff aside because there is way too much to focus on right now? at the start of this quote do you mean the trap "Infinity double up"? and what do you mean by "polish"? do you mean making nfinity summoning and its effects moe reasonable and not OP? also: when you said "once" you can activate the infinity storm up to 5 times in a single duel.
  2. i had a plan B for having an archetype named after this way of summoning: not allowing infinity cards to be normal summoned/set to the field(now that i think about it infinity card having effects on a infinity archetype is way OP). Also what do you mean by "Double tapy thingy"? if i made infinity an archetype wouldn't that ruin the whole purpose of this forum? and also i'll try to put the steps like that(if i have time and if i have an idea about how to put it in).
  3. Why is there no save button????

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      Still no save option..

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      I thought it was added

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      Where is the save button if it has been added?

  4. the effect is the description box
  5. what do you mean? i don't speak spanish and when i translated that i didn't say and thing about letters.(google translated)
  6. instead of a "scale" there is trap and spell power. and pendulum summoning is already invented and im not trying to change it in and way at all, im just simply trying to create a new way of summoning. also (this is probably obvious but...) what does DMOC mean? now that im reading what you say and i kind of get what your saying but i still think infinity summoning doesn't meet all the requirements of pendulum summoning. and also can you describe what you mean by "more depth explanation"?
  7. now that you say that i realize that if you try to make a deck and possibly for there's going to barely any space for you other files.
  8. Everyone asks this question so i have a link: https://yemachu.github.io/cardmaker/. this card maker has Pendulum,Xyz, syncro, dark synchro, ritual, unity, link and token templates. so i would say this one is a little better than this YCM (without update). because.... well you know, it didn't have all of these templates. also this one has an auto-generate system instead of just having to press "Generate card" (or something along those lines). but the saving system is different but im sure you guys can figure it out. (well at least i can ;-;)
  9. So there is pendulum summoning, XYZ summoning, Synchro summoning, link summoning, and Fusion summoning, But what if there was Infinity summoning? Its similar to pendulum summoning. But instead of only spell and monster effects there is Trap, Spell and monster effects. Also instead of Scales there is trap and spell power.and instead of setting the pendulum scale you active the Infinity storm. But to infinity summon you first have to pendulum summon. but when you Infinity summon you can either Infinity set or Infinity summon(there is only one way to do them both: by activating the trap "Infinity double up") but when you infinity set you have to have trap/spell power that is in between the spell/trap power of the two monsters that created the Infinity storm. when you infinity summon they go right next to your pendulum cards in the pendulum zones. Also when an infinity summoned card destroys a monster in battle the card that was destroyed is automatically banished instead of actually being destroyed. This way of summoning also has a disadvantage: the spell card soul absorption.( It's effect reads "If a card(s) is banished: Gain 500 LP for each") How to work infinity summoning: So first you would have to set the pendulum scale before you start to infinity summon. as you know set the set the pendulum scale and all that stuff. Next (to infinity summon) you would place your two monster next to you card you used to pendulum summon activating the infinity storm. when the infinity storm is happening you can either infinity set or infinity summon and like i said back up ^ there (big paragraph) you can only do one unless you activate the spell infinity double up. infinity setting is activating a spell or trap card with it spell/trap power inbetween the spell and trap power of the monsters you used to infinity summon also when you infinity set if all the trap/spell zones are occupied then you can literally place you card(s) on top of the spell/trap you want to placing it but if you infinity set this way you have to activate the trap/spell. Infinity summoning is special summoning cards that have "infinity" in its name to your monster field also you can activate the trap effect of the monster.
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