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  1. Thank you for the tips! and i can see what you mean about the HOPT with grimmchild and hornet, Also the main reasoning behind the sealed vessels effect is to be a stepping stone to the monsters that dont get alot of protection being the rank 5 and 6 xyz monsters, It was also a slight mistake since originally the sealed nights material effect was swapped with the rank 8 but i made them at a late time so i was abit too tired to change it lol, the main theme is go between two separate paths between either the knight or grimm being more evident in the spells, i look forward to your feedback on the
  2. I have been working on these for most about 2 weeks and i finally finished them, they are made as an xyz evolution archtype similair to raidraptors. i hope you like it cause i really worked hard on making a good archtype plus insects are right next to reptile in an under used type in the card game so i wanted to show insects some love, hope you guys love them too
  3. A short Add on to the first card archtype i made here, i've got a bit better idea of what the deck will be about And these are kinda the first step in the dirrection i want the deck to take since cyber monsters just got new support, please tell me what you think about these designs and im not including the older cards since i wanna remake them and tweek them to better suit what i want the deck to do now, please let me know what you think about them
  4. These are some other older cards i made, I wasnt sure what my main goal with these was but i wanted to post them to see what others would think of them or if they had ideas to add or change about them I am not sure if i will ever return to these cards in the future but i was still wondering what you guys would think of them Also i know that eclyps is not how its spelled i just kinda lowed how my friend always said it like that lol. anyway if you have an idea or a pointer on where this archtype could go i would be happy to hear it and maybe i'll come back to it in the future
  5. These are some older ones i just never showed them, the main inspiration was of course judgement joker from beyblade rise, but i always thought that a cassino aesthetic would make a great archtype, i know we all hate coin tosses as a gimmick since they usually suck (Arcana force.) But gambling is just one of my favorite hobbies cause of the thrill, Please tell me what you think and if you have anything you would add or change about the cards, And yeah still apart of the spirit avatar archtype since i wanted to make a archtype like the heros where they can work fine on their own but will be abl
  6. i see, Thanks for pointing it out, Ill make sure to do it correctly for the future, Thanks for telling me, English still is not my best written Language but i am doing the best i can and i welcome your advice and feedback
  7. Well im still working on them since i wanted to make them like the HERO series, Were they start off simple but branch off to different styles but can still remain as a collected thing
  8. I got done with the first main wave of cards who i wanted to make, these are only meant to be for simple set-up since i still need to make more, its a crazy idea but i kinda thought about making an archtype kinds like heros where its multiple similar things mixed together in one big group anyway of course if you didnt know they are inspired by Fnaf again im open to suggestions and criticism.
  9. This is the first card of the new archtype im working on, i dont have much to explain about them yet but this is the first one since he is my favorite character of the series i based them off, The effect will likely change when i get a more solid idea of what i want the deck to do but until then this is what i got, critisism is welcomed Name: Frightmatronic Tail Chaiser/Level 6/Type Machine/Atribute Dark/Atk 2400/Def 1000 Effect: You can only control 1 "Frightmatronic Tail Chaiser" at a time. you can special summon this card from your Hand or GY by shuffling a "Frightmatronic" Monster yo
  10. Thank you! i will think about all of this and i am glad you like them aswell! but im vary happy you understand the idea that i was going for, I am still new to making my own archtype and english isnt my first language so it was hard to make most of them but i am planning on making more, i just felt so tired after making these but i will keep your words in mind as i can see some of the cards need an overhaul, i hope you'll like the finished product and abit of a side note is ive been struggling to try and put test cards in yugioh omega so if you knew a better way to do so or someone who does i
  11. I have in a prevous post, these are the monsters i was going to create but fell asleep cause i made them at like 11pm
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