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  1. By all means, I could name a bunch. One of my favorites is Heavenly Clouds from The Talos Principle. Marble Gallery from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is also awesome.
  2. A lot actually, but the ones I follow more religiously are UberHaxorNova, The Drawfee Channel, some brazillian content creators, u m a m i, NakeyJakey and Petscop.
  3. Besides having beautiful and comfy pants I don't think I have a favorite thing in clothing. What channels you follow on YouTube?
  4. I see. That's an pretty interesting idea that could help enable decks in more different ways. The one for this card is pretty simple, but I like it nonetheless.
  5. Is it? The card text talks about the amount of monsters, not the total Level of those underneath. Though that kind of interaction is far more interesting than having 8 monsters underneath the card and possibly losing at maximum 8 effects that can activate in the GY. It is an interesting approach where decks could choose an specific Ritual monster whose Level matches the Level of most monsters in the deck, and then you could have some kind of tech option in the form of an easy Ritual Summon without having to put cards from its archetype in your deck. Decks with a lot of Level 8 Monsters could for example bring out Demise easily and have a pretty threatening effect ready to go.
  6. Since the card is placed face-up on the Extra Deck, I suppose it occupies an Extra Deck space then?
  7. This is a interesting card. Losing LP is not too harsh and the amount lost isn't too high either so someone could activate this with an empty field on their opponent's turn just to force them to discard a card at random , if I understood the text well. It's a fun little gimmick. I have the same question as Tinkerer though, that seems like a really weird interaction to have your opponent activate a card of yours without using something like Bait Doll.
  8. But then having only cards that are destroyed being able to become material for this card would make it become incredibly slow. Unless a Box of Souls deck focuses on Dark Holing your own full board on the first turn, I cannot see at all how "Monsters that are destroyed become material" would be better than "Add 1 Counter every time a monster you control is sent to the GY". I concede that my thought process was wrong, the actual fact is not that the current state of this card is of a combo disabler, it's that it doesn't synergize with a lot of decks. I can't think deep enough to find a deck that would destroy a bunch of monsters in few turns to make this become useful (If you took 2 turns to destroy enough cards to Ritual Summon a Level 8 monster, it would already be considered slow), but a lot of decks nowadays send cards to the GY pretty often so this could become a cool combo extender with the counter thingy.
  9. Maybe one day I'll start sleeping at a normal time like a normal human being, who knows. 7 AM. What is your favorite thing to do daily?
  10. I also hate morning classes. And afternoon classes. And night classes. I guess I hate classes. About 2 or 3 AM I think, not sure
  11. I envy your patience then, I can barely stand the stress from college. Big cats for sure
  12. Iron Man and DCEU's version of Superman (or him in general)
  13. Between the ones I owned, my favorite was the PS2, though the PS1 had some games I'll never forget. What do you think about the console/PC war?
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