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  1. Thank you for coming. This looks good,
  2. Thank you very much. I almost thought no one was interested. I was having trouble making them myself, but I'm glad you enjoy them. I assume echoes refers to the heightened hearing of a blind person?
  3. Yeah, alright. I understand. Thank you for telling me.
  4. Ah. Thank you very much for telling me. I never looked at it like that.
  5. I've only bumped this once. TODAY. And I suppose you have a point. I'll change things up a bit.
  6. Hm...that seems like an alright interpretation, and I think I already know the answer, but could you explain the zero defense thing?
  7. It's fine. I'm gonna be make more archetypes later, so please look forward to those!
  8. You can use any monster as material for anything unless it directly says you can't. That being said you can't use an Xyz monster as material for a synchro summon because it doesn't have a level. And we have things called Link monsters now, that can just throw the card away, making its effect useless.
  9. Well, I've never heard of that card, but what I mean is, if you have another "Blind Magician" on board, it can attack, but it attacks at random. That little thing that shows up to let you pick a target would not show up.
  10. Thanks! I'll type it out here as an Alternate Effect: DK Arch-nemesis- Joker Rank 4 Dark Spellcaster Xyz monster 2000 ATK/2000 DEF Effect: Thrice per turn, This card cannot be destroyed by card effects (once for each card type, monster, spell, and trap.) Immediately after the effect of a "DK" monster you control that involves declaring a card type (monster, spell, or trap) is called correctly and resolved, you can detach all Xyz material from this card, roll a six sided die, and activate one of these these effects, depending on the number rolled: 1-2: Reveal your opponent's hand. they take damage equal to the number of cards of the declared type in their hand and on their field x400. 3-4: Look at the top three cards of their deck. Any cards of the declared type are banished, face down 5-6: Destroy all cards on the field, except this card and "DK-Batman", then your opponent takes control of this card, and if they do, if a player takes effect damage during the next two turns, that player loses the Duel. While your opponent controls this card, the monsters your opponent Summons cannot attack or activate effects. During your opponent's second Standby Phase after this effect is activated, take control of this card
  11. Thank you for telling me that. And yeah, he looks bad. The reason I have effect in progress at 5-6 is because I'm still trying to come up with something that fits him well. I was literally gonna give him the effect to destroy all cards on the field, then either gain attack equal to the combined ATK of all "DK" monsters destroyed by this effect, or give control of him to your opponent and lock down the duel for two turns, save for effect damage as a win condition. Essentially give Joker to your opponent, they can do nothing for 2 turns, and if either player takes effect damage during those two turns after that, that player loses the duel.
  12. Hi Everyone! Okay, so, I'm at home thinking up an archetype to use for my next post, and no matter how hard I think, I can't seem to come up with a proper way to use the premise I set for the cards I want to make. So, I decided to turn it into a game so I could both get help, and see what you guys think. I've done this before, but it turned into a help section before I knew what happened. Now, If you all don't mind, I'm going to set a few rules for us to go by. 1. The first person comes up with an archetype name and premise (If you want you could set the premise or have the next person do it for you). After this, the next person makes a card that supports that archetype. After 15 cards, the poster who posted the last card may start a new archetype build. 2. Due to the nature of the game, you may post multiple cards at once should you wish to do so. 3. No more than 15 cards can be made for one archetype, and there must be a balanced number of cards of each type. (7 monsters, 4 spells, and 4 traps respectively) 4. You may ignore the second part of rule 2 if you feel the archetype would do well going in a certain direction (I.E. if the archetype should be focused mostly on spells or traps, what the deck should be good at (resource management, swarming, etc)) 5. Critcism is welcome, should you feel the need, of any person's card. Give us your opinions so we can make better stuff! Overall this is something I thought would be fun for us all to try and do together as a team. It would also help me which is a giant plus. Now without Further ado, I'll start with my archetype: The Blind Magicians- A set of Light and Dark Spellcaster Monsters that all share the restrictions "This card cannot attack unless you control another face up 'Blind Magician' monster. This card cannot choose its attack targets."
  13. Arcane Travel Equip Spell Target one "Dark Magician" in your graveyard: Pay 1000 Life points, then special summon that monster and equip this card to it. If that monster would be destroyed by battle, return it to the hand instead. Note: Accidentally made a fusion spell there. NEXT: A Lunalight Field Spell OR A Lunalight Continuous Spell
  14. The Reverse Inverted Turnabout Normal Trap Card When an opponent's monster declares an attack, negate the attack and switch control of those monsters. Both players take damage equal to the original ATK of the monsters switched by this effect. Dark Drive Magician
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