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  1. Behold The Offspring of Satan
  2. These Are "The Legendary Emperors of Armageddon"Azurewrath The Hellfire Emperor,Gaia Emperor of storms,Garuda The Dark Emperor,And Last But Not least Ashtar Emperor of Seas.The Four of Them Are a Dangerous on There Own But When They All Are on The Field The Odds of Your Opponent Winning Are Reduced to 0%.
  3. I was going to name"The Box of Souls" Card "The Curse of Pandoras Box"but choice not to
  4. same it's hot in the day time and freezing cold at night
  5. nah that was the worse part of the movie
  6. when the Brachiosaurus got left behind and died by the lava on the island on Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
  7. Dragon Ball Xenovers Me and my Siblings all love Batman cause it's actually possible to be Batman all you need is lot's of money and a butler named Alfred
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