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  1. I hope everyone is doing alright despite the riots and all that's happening outside!

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    2. dracoice113


      Thank you very much! I will stay safe


    3. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      I've been ninja'd! But yeah, I'm safe. I just pray for the safety of the officers that have be admidst the chaos.

    4. dracoice113
  2. Using Magic Set Editor, I made Amazoness Support...then I fooled around with some of the templates included. I stumbled on this template and thought it would be amazing to show off. What do you think?
  3. With everything going on, please be safe! 

    Amazoness Wild Monk.png

  4. Quarantine has got us all on edge...just try not to do anything stupid, okay?

    images (3).jpg

    1. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      What's the the furry for?

    2. dracoice113


      I dunno...felt right

  5. Day...god know how many at this point...
    My family is doing fine...and I hug my mom more often than I usually did growing up. I moved in to take care of my dad...

    My dad passed away so we're all mourning here

    1. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      My condolances. I hope everyone else is doing well.

    2. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      oh god, I'm so fucking sorry dude, covid?

    3. Tythe Scora

      Tythe Scora

      I'm so sorry!  How are you holding up?

  6. Thank you! I was hoping someone would give me something resembling an answer
  7. Wondering what the world will bring.

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    2. Godbrand


      "Taxes and death that's why i'm going to the moon."

      - Neil Armstrong

    3. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      Right now, all the world has to offer is COVID-19. I'm sure you're avoiding that though.

    4. dracoice113


      I'm hoping it gets better soon

  8. So I was chilling on my phone and thought to myself...what's the best non-meta Beast or Beast-Warrior archetype? What would a pure archetypal deck look like? These questions popped into my head and I thought, maybe someone here at the Yugioh Card Maker Forums would know! So here I am...what do you guys think is the best non-meta beast or Beast-Warrior archetypes are?
  9. So I was working on an Archetype based on Kingdom Hearts, and I was stuck on the gimmick. I genuinely think I got one...But it might be relatively...Awkward to typically say the least. Here's what I possess, so far. I promptly made Sora's Drive Forms Effect Monsters (with the possible exception of Anti, Master and Final which will be likely Link or Ritual) between the optimal levels of 5-10. The only way to access these forms is to use the Spell Card "Drive Form." This will require on of the dedicated following to be done. Valor: Send 1 or more "Keyblade" card in your hand to the GY. Wisdom: Send 1 "KeyArts" spell card in your hand to the GY. Limit: Send "Sora" to the GY. Anti: Banish 1 "Sora" from your hand or on the field to the GY Master: Send 1 "KeyArts" Spell card and 1 "Keyblade" equip spell card from your hand to your GY. Final: Banish all spell and trap cards you control and "Sora". When you Special Summon a Drive Form, it is unable to be removed from play by card effect (a bit of a counter to Ash Blossom. Fricking hate that thing.). On the turn it's Summoned it cannot be targeted for attack, either. Prevent a premature removal if there's a combo in progress. When a Drive Form is destroyed by battle, return that Drive Form card to your hand or Extra Deck and special summon "Sora" back to the field. You cannot summon that Drive Form again for a while. (I'm thinking your third Main Phase 1) Each Drive Form will admittedly have its unique strength and will allow you to build the deck to that card. Valor: High ATK, Low DEF and can strike the opponent directly if summoned using 2 "Keyblade" cards. Wisdom: Low ATK, High DEF, considered a Spellcaster and allows you to fling "KeyArts" spell cards at your opponent without fear of negation. Discarding 1 of them when attacked allows for a quick negation. Limit: Highest DEF (3000), lowest attack (750) , allows you to strike your opponent directly for half the damage and banish a card in their hand as long as a "World" Field Spell is active. Anti: As long as "Castle that Never Was", "Keyblade Graveyard" or "World that Never Was" are active, your opponent takes all battle damage you would take. Master: Highest ATK (3000), lowest DEF (1250), allows you to deal damage equal to the number Spell and Trap card on both fields x100 (which can lead to 1,000 LP lost a turn), provided you send 3 "KeyArts"m "Keyblade" or Warrior monster you control to the GY. Final: Is essentially a hand nuke (banishes all cards you and your opponent have in your hand and draw cards equal to what you had minus 1 for your opponent). Highest Level (12) and ATK (3000). So that's all I have so far. I don't know what good it does me but there it is...lemme know what you think?
  10. Great ideas! I knew this was a good idea to ask for help...here I was about to do it myself. Anyways, I was trying to make a beat down type archetype. The idea was that Valor Form allowed you to search the deck for an equip spell card and it's effect becomes that card's effect. The idea for Wisdom Form was to allow you to search the deck for up to 2 Quick Play spells and use 1 immediately on your battle phase, however that would (as a cost), force you to discard a banish the top card in your deck and 1 in your graveyard. Master was a stupid idea. It had an effect in my head that would be super OP in the game so I wanted to tone that down. It would basically allow Sora-Master Form to attack all enemies the link arrows point at. If sora-master form destroys them, damage equal to half of their combined original ATK would be dealt to the opponent. If he didn't Sora-Master Form stays on the field but cannot attack unless the player pays a cost...which I was originally going for LP but decided on banishing 3 Spell or Trap cards from your hand, deck or graveyard. Sora-Final Form was gonna be a ritual monster as it doesn't require Donald or Goofy like the three previous forms. Lore-wise Valor Form gave Sora 2 Keyblades and allowed him to attack fast. It was useful for doing lots of damages blindingly fast. Wisdom turned Sora's Keyblade into a magic cannon allowing Sora to cast magic super quickly. Master gave Sora control of a balance of magic and attack (the idea was to use Master form's finisher (not sure what the name was), which allowed Sora to suck up enemies near him like a magnet, deal continuous damage to them and expel them out in a magic explosion. Final Form is a form that balances light and darkness and grants Sora flight, two keyblades which hover around him and attack when he points to a target and unlimited magic control. Sora's Limit Form gives Sora increased speed and attack power as well as access to his old clothes for some reason. I didn't have anything planned for this one...yet.
  11. Not even sure if I am supposed to put this here or someplace else, but I honestly didn't know where to go with this request. So I'm about to work on a Kingdom Hearts-themed archetype, but I noticed I need a unique gimmick. Something that will help it stand out as something...special. I could use a little collaboration. I'll handle the Kingdom Hearts lore and stuff. What I will need form whoever agrees is just gimmick ideas. It'll be an old brainstorm and test kinda situation. I've already gotten a few things started with the cards. I need help with effects and an archetype wide gimmick...
  12. I see where you're coming from. Thanks for letting me know. It's my first time working with counter-based archetypes. I'm putting the archetype on hiatus right now to work on another idea I had. I'm still trying new ideas out with the Crystal Dragon Archetype though. Looking back at the cards again, I did see the problems you came up with. I'm lookin into it and coming up with a fix to them.
  13. So I was looking at some of Buddyfight's full art on the Future Card Buddyfight wiki and thought it would be awesome to make an archetype on one of their Dragon based clans or whatever, Star Dragon World. So this is what I have so far. I have more, but because I'm still relatively new to this forum, I'm not gonna push it and do two at a time. Red Crystal Dragon Almarone Level 4 LIGHT Effect Dragon 1500 ATK/ 1500 DEF When this card is Summoned: if you control 1 "Crystal Dragon" monster; draw 1 card. Red Crystal Dragon Gamien Level 4 LIGHT Effect Dragon 1500 ATK/1500 DEF During each Standby Phase: place 1 "C" counter on each "Crystal Dragon" monster you control (max. 5). When this monster is targeted for attack: you can remove 1 "C" counter on this monster; banish this card and inflict damage equal to half of this monster's ATK.
  14. Turns out that the "purple stuff" in the Sunny d ads was grape juice of some sort. Some say it's kool-aid, others say its a mix of grapette and captain morgan...which do you believe it is?


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