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  1. MohametGk7

    Any updates?

    So i see that the card maker is back online but didn't see any updates. Are we going to see any upcoming updates or not eventually?
  2. I create yugioh custom cards for a long time now, i really love the game in general so to have a chance to put my ideas into it and create cards is a dream for me. So this is one of my favourite archetypes that i've created. I have tested it a lot in Dueling Book and i changed a lot from their texts to have this result. You will notice that is has many ways to search cards but due to it's gimmick (revealing monster that haven't been revealed from the hand) it needs that much searching cause it's really easy to just summon 2 monsters and pass, maybe make an Xyz. Overall i think they are balanced and i would love to hear your thoughts.
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