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  1. yeah, then again some species went extinct for a reason and though its mean to say, i wonder if some arent worth bringing back
  2. ik im a little late since the last post was made several months ago and sorry if this counts as "necro posting" but I have to say that's pretty neat, I do hope that they do find a way to bring back extinct animals. not saying i'd like to see dinosaurs roaming around, but it'd be neat to see like dodo birds, mammoths, etc. come back and see how they'd react to a different environment than what they grew up in originally, at the same time though I hope its not something that they come back only to immediately go back to being extinct because its too much of a drastic change from their old ecosystems. guess we'll just see next time they make a big discovery, whenever that'll be
  3. yeah its kind of sad really that they've been gone for close to a month, it sounded like they were onto something in terms of an rp that could potentially last for awhile, though I think it probably should be widened a little in terms of "only the 1st pack at the start", I do admit I don't know what cards were in the very first booster pack, but I feel like the deck variations might be limited. I guess that's the whole point though now that I think about it, you want to win so that way you can make your own personal deck and hope your opponents don't go for the same deck ideas
  4. it sounds like a neat idea, i'd try it but I haven't rp'd in like forever so i'd be rusty
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