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  1. I have just discovered that I am a genius in making entire decks in 1-3 days. I mean, granted, they aren't always the best. But some of them have the potential to be really good, (with a bit of refining of course) You can check out Casual Multiples for a new Archetype every week, made by me, Bluvista! My most recent creation, the "Mechanical" deck is up, and ready for anyone to comment, critique or review it! Any suggestions on archetypes will be gladly taken, just reply the name of the archetype, and a general description of it, and I shall create a deck based in what you have provided for me. Bluvista, Out!

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    2. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      Guardians and Agents aren't even big enough to make up a deck even using 3 copies each.

    3. Bluvista


      Thanks for all your praise!

      The list of Archetypes I've got lined up so far are:

      Vantablack: (A DARK/Warrior Ritual Deck which focuses on extensive burn damage, and swarming to get powerful Ritual boss monsters out quick. )

      Chaotic: (A DARK/Fiend Fusion Deck which focuses on banishing cards in your opponents GY, and light deck destruction. A secondary feature of the archetype is trigger effects upon being sent to the GY)

      Heavenly Host/Heavens Mandate: (A pair of LIGHT/Fairy Synchro pseudo-archetypes that work hand in hand towards the same goal. Slowly paralyzing the opponents field) 

      Magians: (A LIGHT/Spellcaster Xyz deck that does its best to make the opponents life miserable if they should happen to rely on card effects, or beatdown. I'm talking about effects that cancel other effects, and reduce ATK and DEF)

      Aura: (An EARTH/Warrior/Aura* Flip effect Fusion deck that acts similar to Specters Sunavalons, but better. They can't be selected as the target for battle, or for effects. However, you can still direct attack. They also are never treated as being on the field, even if you negate their effects. Why? It's because of their typing. An "Aura" monster is essentially a modified version of a "Toon" monster, except it can't direct attack, like the toons can. And yes, Flip effects, Flip Effects everywhere! Even the Fusion monsters have flip effects! )

      Ultramatrix: (A DARK/Fairy Xyz deck that works with and without their signature, (and very annoying) field spell. The primary goal of this deck is burn damage, and negate spam. Allow me to show you the terror of their Field Spell.

      The Ultramatrix

      Field Spell

      If there is an "Ultramatrix" Xyz monster on the field, this card is unaffected by other cards effects. When the opponent normal summons/sets a monster: flip a coin; If "Heads" destroy that monster, and inflict 500 damage to your opponent. Once per turn, you can flip 3 coins: for each "Heads" inflict 200 damage to your opponent. You must control an "Ultramatrix" Xyz monster to activate and resolve these effects. When this card is destroyed, destroy all cards on the field, and inflict 500 damage to all players for each card destroyed by this effect. If there is an "Ultramatrix" Xyz monster in your GY, your opponent cannot activate effects against the activation of any of these cards effects. )

      Gear HEROs: (An EARTH/Machine Synchro deck that likes equipping monsters to them to activate additional effects. They can also un-equip monsters to activate additional effects. )

      Bushido: (A LIGHT/ Warrior Fusion deck that specializing in rapid fire fusion summon combos. Its structure is somewhat similar to the Gem-Knights, though there are vast differences between the two archetypes. )

      Stone: (An EARTH/Rock deck with no Extra Deck. (man that sounds horrible, doesn't it?) Its primary focus is excessive LP gain, to activate devastating effects which cost LP to activate. (God, this sounds like absolute garbage)

      Poker Parlor: (Admittedly, this is not a completely thought out idea yet, but it works something like this. No spells or traps, only monsters, which represent the normal cards in a deck of playing cards. The extra deck represents the face cards in a playing card deck, (and are all link monsters) with the "Ace" of the deck being the Ace of Spades. It focuses on sending the low level monsters to the GY, to bring out the bigger stuff, and activating effects in the GY)

      (That's all for now folks! The next Archetype that will be made will be the Vantablack Archetype! It will be made sometime next week! Please tell me your initial thoughts on the Archetype list!)

    4. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Lookin' forward to the Aura one, sounds like it contains interesting shenanigans. Fusion with effects, huh? I want to see how you make it viable, since FLIP is usually too slow for the meta, except very specialized stuff like Shaddolls, or stalling burn decks. 

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