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  1. Everything You Know is Wrong - Weird Al Albuquerque - Weird Al The Bidding - Tally Hall Turn the Lights Off - Tally Hall The Trap - Tally Hall
  2. Compression Format (open) [Field Spell] If a player draws a card that is a duplicate of a card already on the field, in a banished zone, or in the graveyard, banish the drawn card. For each card banished this way, Cyberse monsters gain 300 ATK/DEF.
  3. Master of the Library (open) [Lv. 4 | Wind] Spellcaster/Effect This monster gains 400 ATK/DEF for each card in your graveyard that starts with "Book of" or "Spellbook of". Once per turn, you may target 1 card in your graveyard that starts with "Book of" or "Spellbook of" and shuffle that target into your deck, but this monster cannot declare an attack the turn you activate this effect. ATK: 1200 DEF: 1300
  4. Isolation Generator (open) [Continuous Spell] While this card is on the field, card effects cannot affect anything except other cards on the field (this includes Turn, Phases, Life Points, drawing cards, effects involving a player's hand, and winning/loosing/tying the game). If this card is destroyed, for the rest of the game neither player can win the game through the sole use of a card effect.
  5. Heart-Throb Cowsby [Lv. 5 | Wind] Beast/Effect Once per turn your opponent targets a monster they control, you take control of the target monster until your End Phase. If your opponent has no monsters on their field then until your next Stand-By Phase they cannot Special Summon a monster. ATK: 1000 DEF: 2000 * Innocent, serious, or hiding a secret * Makes a seemingly useless card useful * Name is based off of a famous dancer from the mid-1900's * Is level 5
  6. @Joey Leach, while I never explicitly stated that showing fully fleshed out cards with images was disallowed here, I do think that you should provide at least a transcript of the card so nobody gets caught unawares if they can't see the image.
  7. Rules of Semantics (open) [Continuous Spell] If a card you control activates an effect, treat it as a Quick Effect except when that effect already states the effect is treated as a Quick Effect. If more than 5 card effects are activated on your turn, destroy this card.
  8. Even? Dancer (dancers are eloquent right?) [Rnk. 2 | Wind] Psychic/Effect 2+ Level 2 monsters This monster is treated as a tuner monster with a level equal to the number of monsters your opponent controls for the purpose of a Syncro Summon. Once per turn you may detach a material. If this monster has an even number count of materials, once per turn you can return a Level 4 or lower monster your opponent controls to your opponent's hand. If this card would be removed from your side of the field in any way, you can instead equip it to one of your opponent's monsters. The equipped monster cannot declare an attack, but it gains this effect: "This monster is treated as two tributes in the tribute summoning of a monster, as two materials in a Link summon, and as double its Level for Syncro, Ritual, and Xyz summons." ATK: 1200 DEF: 1600 * We need a Fiend. * It must be a LIGHT monster. * Can dodge a ball, but not a bullet. (interpret as you like) * The level cannot be higher than 6.
  9. LOL, it seems I done goofed on that one. I always seem to get the name wrong with that one letter. Sorry... Wizard Lily of the Waterloo Girls [Lv. 4 | Water] Spellcaster/Effect If you activate a Spell or Trap with "Book" in its name, this monster gains a Spell Counter. Once per turn, flip a coin. If it is heads, then this monster cannot declare an attack this turn. If it is tails, the you can declare an attack this turn or activate this effect: * Once per turn, you can destroy a card for each Spell Counter on this card. ATK: 1500 DEF: 1000 (notes: I think that a group called "Waterloo Girls" sounded more like a friend group than a gang in my attempt to make it sound like a "Fake Gang". The Tsundere requirement was a bit tricky, but I think I managed the temperamental nature of the "stereotypical Tsundere" (bash me if you like, but I had nothing else to go on) with the coin flip mechanic. Can't get her to do anything unless you force her by card effect or let her decide for herself.) * Play with the concept of a ditsy pixie (or a Dixie if you prefer) * Can't be a LIGHT or DARK * Has an effect based on chance * The effect must be at least 4 sentences long.
  10. I understand how dangerous that could be, but think of the power this monster gives to things like Ritual Summons, Tribute Summons, and card effects that require the tributing of a monster to activate an effect. If the card effect calls for a monster to be tributed or sacrificed (used that word because I think there are a few cards that use that) the it treats the effect as resolved but the monster stays on the field. So you could Ritual Summon a monster using this card by trying to tribute it, only to have the effect resolve and allowing for the summoning of the Ritual monster. Unless I'm missing what an effect's resolution means, the cost balances with the utility. Mystical Quarry (open) [Field Spell] If a monster is attacked and is still on the field after the battle's resolution, the monster's owner draws one card and the Battle Phase ends.
  11. Dishonest [Lv. 4 | Dark] Fairy/Effect A LIGHT monster's effects cannot affect this card. While this card is on the field, it gains 800 ATK every time your opponent Sets a monster. Once per turn this monster can attack three times in one Battle Phase, then send one Effect monster from your hand to the graveyard. If this monster is sent from the hand to the graveyard by a card effect, your opponent loses 1000 Life Points. ATK: 1500 DEF: 1000 * Is a friend of Marshmellon (interpret however you want) * Has the upper hand against DARK monsters * Can be LIGHT or Fairy, but not both * Light on effects and heavy on the ATK/DEF
  12. Stone of Permanence (open) [Lv. 2 | Earth] Rock/Tuner/Effect If this monster, while on the field, would be Tributed or Sacrificed by a card effect, treat that effect as resolved but keep this monster on the field. If this monster would be destroyed by battle, pay 1000 Life Points to keep it on the field. This monster cannot be removed from the graveyard once it enters it, and if it would be banished then send it to the graveyard instead. ATK: 500 DEF: 500
  13. Remix Cassette (open) [Lv. 3 | Earth] Cyberse An attendee to The Remix Society and holds much fame there, or at least he used to. Now he just recounts days gone by as he runs down and unwinds. Great for when you want iconic songs of the past at a party. ATK: 1300 DEF: 700
  14. Transmission Lull (open) [Spell] Until your next Stand-By Phase, neither player can activate card effects. If a card effect is activated in response to this card's activation, (Quick Effect): you can instead target one card on the field and negate its effects for the rest of the game, and you cannot activate any card effects until your next Stand-By Phase.
  15. I mean, I've created them before, but sometimes I run out of cool ideas and need to add fluff pieces that could cascade into better ideas. Speaking of fluff... Stacked Deck of Kardcards (open) [Continuous Spell] All "Kardcard" monsters you control can, once per turn, not be destroyed by battle or card effect. If you control "Master of Cards" then all of your monsters are treated as if they also have the name "Kardcard Monster". If "Master of Cards" is destroyed, destroy this card, and if this card is destroyed then draw a card for every "Kardcard" monster on the field.
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