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  1. a dry spell of patreon doners.
  2. Relocating the machine to a location near the coast with a newbie maintenance team from somewhere in South Dakota.
  3. A two pair. Your high card won't beat that.
  4. Granted, but my cat still can't do anything on here as he is just a dumb animal now. I wish for everyone to please trust me when I say that the BlackCatter you all know and love is gone.
  5. A freezer is better at saving bacon than some dumb skeleton thing.
  6. Your wish is granted. However, I do not know George so he might not like me. I wish to know what this project is.
  7. There are so many things I could throw in here: a dumb personality core, a mute girl with a gun that makes multiple kinds of scientists cry out "Blasphemy!", rockets, bombs, the helplessness of being connected to only a potato battery... However, I think I'll go with: the eventual decay of Aperture Science's Laboratories and test chambers.
  8. Hello. I'm sorry to say this, but the "Black Catter" is just my cat and he has finally come home to me. I don't know how he got this internet persona (or even how he learned to type), but that seems to be all behind him now. He is now just an ordinary black cat who doesn't do much besides eat sleep and crave my attention. I'll happily try and take over for him on this forum, but I do not know whether or not I will keep it as I'm not a big fan of card games. I think I should wish for something here right? I wish for a new stapler.
  9. Granted, but you won't ever truly know, even if I were to tell you the truth. I wish I wasn't a Pokemon. I've heard that unless you get a nice trainer or preform really well, you get treated like you are just another number.
  10. Granted, but some mixtures are worth it and I will be the only one to see them. I wish to have one of my lives return.
  11. Granted, but some absurd Undertale fan takes it as an Undertale reference and now won't shut up. I wish to have to power to mix universes together and watch what happens from a safe distance.
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