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  1. Granted, and I'm your play-tester. However, my talent becomes useless over a period of a few hours so you better crank those cards out fast! I wish I had friends outside the online world.
  2. Granted, but I get to say which wish you can use it on. I wish I had talent.
  3. Granted, but Horu lost his luck when I rampaged across the world. I wish for a plate of ham.
  4. Granted, I was unconscious for 2.35 seconds. I wish for this end-of-the-world scenario to just end on a good note already!
  5. Granted, but because of my cruelty (and now vengeance for being sent to hell) I set my sights on ending the world instead of just torturing one person. I wish someone would stop these evil shenanigans I've gotten myself into.
  6. Granted, but it won't really matter after I'm done with you... >:) I wish to go to hell for all the involuntary cruelty I've inflicted.
  7. Granted, but I'm now sadistic and torture you with my new powers. I wish to stop being a monster towards ITSUKOSOADO.
  8. Granted, your cup of muddy water has the word "nice" on the cup. I wish for a bucket.
  9. Granted, but they were cursed to amplify (not reverse) the sour taste of foods. I wish I could find whatever I wanted without the hassle of finding a bunch of things I didn't want.
  10. Granted, but when was I stabbed again? Also, who are you? I wish to know who you are.
  11. Granted, but despite how easy it is to remember for you, nobody else seems to remember it. I wish I could write goodly better.
  12. Granted, but every time you change your mass (i.e. your "weight") you will shrink. Be very careful not to make any singularities now... I wish for some scissors.
  13. Granted, but it always happens at random. I wish for a dish of fish that would seem delish'.
  14. Granted, but you took so long reading it all that you now have to re-catch up. I wish for a list of better wishes I could make.
  15. Everything You Know is Wrong - Weird Al Albuquerque - Weird Al The Bidding - Tally Hall Turn the Lights Off - Tally Hall The Trap - Tally Hall
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