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  1. Usin' 4/4 baby! Lightning Rod General [Lv. 4 | Earth] Warrior/Effect For every Normal monster or Spellcaster on the field (pick upon summoning) this monster gains 500 ATK and DEF. ATK: 1200 DEF: 0 - Make a Psychic - Jams spells with strawberry - Use a special type (like tuner, union, spirit, etc.) but not an extra deck type - Supports Light attribute
  2. Nullification Bomb [Trap] If this card is destroyed by a card effect, until your next Stand-By Phase all cards played and in play cannot activate their effect (if they have one).
  3. Social Virus [Spell] Target one card with an effect. Until your next Stand-By phase, all cards played and in play will have their effect negated (if they have one) and gain the effect of the card you targeted.
  4. Joyful Judgement [Trap] Pay 2000 life points. You can negate the effect of a monster. If this card is destroyed by a card effect, gain 1000 life points.
  5. Barrier Defence [Trap] If you would take damage after battle calculation, destroy your opponent's monster as well after receiving the damage.
  6. Savage Blow [Equip Spell] If the equipped monster destroys a monster in battle and would deal damage to your opponent afterward, increase that damage to equal the monster's ATK.
  7. Psychic Pain Generator [Continuous Spell] All non-Psychic monsters lose 250 time their level ATK/DEF. Lv. 4 and below switch to defense mode and cannot activate their effect.
  8. Saboteur's Gambit [Continuous Trap] If a Spell or Trap effect would affect a monster in any way other than destroying it, destroy that monster.
  9. Factory Reset [Quick-Play Spell] If a card effect is affecting one of your monsters, destroy all the cards affecting it. Your monster cannot activate its effect this turn.
  10. Misfortune Stone [Continuous Spell] Upon activation, flip a coin and you opponent calls it. If your opponent is correct, they target a monster. If they call it wrong, you target a monster. On the Stand-By Phase target monster has 0 ATK, cannot activate it's effect (if it has one), and cannot be affected by any other card effects besides this one.
  11. Junk-pile Scavanger [Lv. 3 | Earth] Warrior/Effect If this card is not in a battle on you and your opponent's turn, then on your next Draw Phase you can draw two cards instead. ATK: 1000 DEF: 200
  12. Enraged Giant [Lv. 5 | Earth] Warrior/Effect If this card is special summoned, it gains 1000 ATK. If this card is put in defense mode or does not declare an attack before the end of your turn, send it to the graveyard. ATK: 2000 DEF: 100
  13. I'm sorry. Hope it starts getting better for you later on. Builder's Manual [Continuous Spell] If you have a Machine or Cyberse type monster on the field, they gain 500 ATK and DEF for every turn this card has been active. If a Machine or Cyberse type monster gets destroyed by battle, remove the bonus ATK and DEF granted by this card.
  14. It's ok. You have bigger fish to fry than posting in a silly little thread. Also, at some point I thought you said you would lay off posting so that you could focus on a project, but I'm unsure now since you've become more active, Anyways... Dimension Flip [Spell] Draw or discard cards until you have an equal amount of cards in your hand to the number of cards in your Banished Zone. Swap the Banished Zone cards with your hand. If there were any cards that were banished face-down before the swap, send them to the graveyard instead.
  15. It's ok. If you want to participate as either a commentator or as a creator you can go right ahead. If not, I wish you best of luck in getting noticed. Threatening Decoy [Continuous Trap] If your opponent declares an attack, you can summon this as a monster card (Lv. 2, Fiend, 0 ATK, 1000 DEF) in Defense Mode. If this card is destroyed by battle, put the opponent monster in Defense Mode after battle calculation.
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