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  1. Here is a fun fact @Rayfield Lumina, Saint Nicolas was a real person who supposedly preformed miracles around Europe in the late 3rd and up to the mid 4th century. He was a devoted Christian with a love of children, which probably is what began the legend of Santa Claus.

    1. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      And now we have to deal with a fat man breaking into our houses every year and eating all of our food and leaving a single gift under the tree.

  2. Could culprit 2 be that mean fuzzball: Kuriboh Sangan?
  3. Hello there! In the name of friendly fun (and helping along creativity) I think I should give this a whirl. I'm not as into the game as most people are (and my knowledge and experience is limited), but I'll do my best to describe what I like and dislike. Likes: The idea of banishment is a fun game mechanic I have come to really like due to my experience with "The Agent" and various other monsters. I know there are many ways to get out of banishment, but usually I found people don't really prepare for it unless it is apart of their archetype or strategy. (Could be wrong though as I h
  4. Granted, I will check it out and even participate as best as I can... but you will never find the kidnapped victim... until it is too late... I wish for my friend Master Hyperion to join me on this hunt for a missing person!
  5. Granted, but you must do it by singing "Conjunction Junction" until you are at least 80 years old. I wish to understand how all these weather patterns were made.
  6. Granted, it's not a Kuriboh... It's a Sangan that looks like a Kuriboh. Upon this realization it starts to try and attack you in more than just headbutts. I wish to stop this torrential rain of pronouns by zapping Horu with a bolt of interjections.
  7. Granted, but just before this wish was granted you lost half your current speed. It's a simple corruption, I know, but in the process I lost half my creativity. I wish it would stop hailing.
  8. Granted but this cool pocket watch, while it is yours, is in a pocket dimension for no particular reason. I wish for the most epic comeback to the verb rocks being thrown at me. (if it involves adverbs, you're toast)
  9. Granted, but this knowledge only infuriates you somehow and every time you read or hear about classes regarding language you go on a giant rant about your belief on the subject. Have you ever considered writing a book on the subject or participating in a formal debate about it? I wish to be verbally attacked without consequence to the attacker.
  10. Simple, people who go on the internet slowly went insane as the monotony of corrupting wishes became more dull. Then tragedy struck when an enthusiastic cat joined the forum and blindly stumbled into the corrupt-a-wish thread. This golden opportunity allowed for the gradual collection of power from corruptions to the unsuspecting cat with fur of black. This power grew and grew until he noticed changes in his environment, that is when he puzzled together what was going on. He tried to reject the power that slowly was being given to him, but the pleas were only fuel for the fire and it lead to m
  11. Granted, your dead donkey becomes a dead male deer. I wish to understand why I put so much effort into that corruption just for an anecdote.
  12. Granted, however the colloquial term (and most used term around the world) for such an animal now is ass. Since this donkey is now your pet it goes almost everywhere with you go, and everyone always says "What a nice ass you got there." This drives you deeply insane because you know for a fact that everyone who says that is only saying that because you own a donkey; moreover, the ones who don't say it you know are thinking it and are only biding their time to make a joke in regards to your donkey. You can see right through their schemes because everyone is judging you... YOU KNOW IT! It doesn'
  13. Granted, some mystical force brought the dead back to life and if we trace that magical force it will lead to the void. At this point most people would give up, but I'm corrupting this wish so I will go even further. Following the magical trace through the void it eventually leads back to this thread. Apparently it was caused by your corruption, which makes this corruption the lamest corruption in all of Corrupt-a-Wish history. I wish to understand why I went down the road I did.
  14. Granted, but as you start to understand you are hit with the same thing too: real life eats up all your time and inspiration. I wish I could fully understand the subtle difference between hope and determination.
  15. Granted, you and about a few hundred more people hope and wish so hard that the site becomes better and it finally does.However all of you start to become greedy and ask for more and more even if YCMaker couldn't do it without having to pay money. The site eventually becomes so great this group you participate in stops asking for changes. However, these changes haven't made the slightest bit of difference in getting more people to join in. In fact your group chased off everyone else who casually participated. I wish for pie.
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