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  1. Resonant Evil (open) [Trap] If a "Resonator" monster is sent to the graveyard for any reason, you may Special Summon one Level 4 or lower Fiend or Zombie monster from your hand. If two "Resonator" monsters are sent to the graveyard in a single turn, you may Special Summon a Level 6 or lower Fiend or Zombie monster from the hand or graveyard.
  2. Cartoon Regulations (open) [Continuous Spell] If a Toon monster declares an attack, the monster's owner must pay half of their Life Points.
  3. Haha, ok. I will admit I'm not "in the know" when it comes to card grammar (especially considering I have never played competitively or played with anyone using rules past MR2; even then, I've never really played much), however my grammar can't be all that bad... it is still understandable, just not in the ways people are comfortable with. I will try to make an effort though. Vision of Loneliness (open) [Trap] On your opponent's Stand-by Phase, target one monster your opponent controls. This turn only, your opponent cannot summon any monsters and any monsters your opponen
  4. Connective Router (open) [Lv. 4 | Light] Cyberse/Effect When this monster is summoned, target 2 Cyberse monsters. Targets double in ATK and DEF, but they cannot attack the turn they are targeted. If this monster is removed from the field, the targeted monsters return to their original ATK and DEF. ATK: 500 DEF: 2000
  5. Super Spy League: Angry Mole [Lv. 4 | Earth] Warrior/Effect Once per turn on your End Phase, your opponent must either reveal or discard a random card from their hand. If you control a Psychic type monster, your opponent must reveal and/or discard two random cards from their hand. If your opponent controls a Psychic type monster, your opponent can negate the effect. If both you and your opponent control a Psychic type monster, the original effect is unchanged. If this monster leaves the field for any reason, you must discard one card. ATK: 1500 DEF: 1000 * Must be
  6. Two things: 1) I already made that concept here, however if yours is a suggestion on how to change the wording of mine then I couldn't tell. 2) if you haven't re-read the original post, I re-wrote the rules, one of which is "If you want your card to be ridiculed or commented on, label it as "open" somewhere in your post" with that out of the way... The Moving Statue (open) [Lv. 7 | Earth} Fiend/Effect This monster cannot declare an attack if your opponent controls a face-up defense position monster, or an attack position monster that hasn't declared an
  7. Rock Champ (open) [Lv. 2 | Earth] Machine/Effect If this monster battles a Light Attribute monster, the opponent monster is destroyed before battle calculation and the Battle Phase ends. ATK: 500 DEF: 1000
  8. Baby Hydra: Helix [Lv. 2 | Fire] Dragon/Effect Once per turn, on both you and your opponent's Stand-By Phases, you may put a Hydra Counter on this monster. If 7 Hydra Counters are on this card, remove them and send this card to the graveyard to Special Summon "Helix Hydra: The Protector" If this monster would be destroyed by battle, you may negate the battle if you control a monster with equal or greater ATK or DEF (whichever is higher) compared to the attacking monster's ATK. If this card would be destroyed by card effect, besides its own, you can switch the target to a card of
  9. Paper Champ (open) [Lv. 2 | Wind] Machine/Effect If this monster battles an Earth Attribute monster, the opponent monster is destroyed before battle calculation and the Battle Phase ends. ATK: 750 DEF: 750
  10. Scissors Champ (open) [Lv. 2 | Light] Machine/Effect If this monster battles a Wind Attribute monster, the opponent monster is destroyed before battle calculation and the Battle Phase ends. ATK: 1000 DEF: 500
  11. Sandstorm Soup [Spell] Target an Earth or Wind Attribute monster. The targeted monster gains 427 ATK and can, for this turn only, use the effect of another Earth or Wind Attribute monster from your hand, deck, graveyard, or field. * Has a theme of art * Built to change attributes * The cost is a card from your hand * Your opponent can negate the effect, but it costs them a card from their hand
  12. Death and Taxes (open) [Quick-Play Spell] Activate when your opponent destroys one of your monsters. If your monster was defeated by battle, target both your monster and your opponent's monster. Add up both targets' ATKs and divide it by two, deal the total in damage to your opponent's Life Points. If your monster was destroyed by a card effect, send the top card of your opponent's deck to the graveyard.
  13. The Cursed Sun (open) [Field Spell] Unless the monster is a Machine, Cyberse, Fairy, Fiend, or Divine-Beast monster, destroy any monster normal or special summoned. Then replace that monster with a Flesh Mound Token (Dark/Fiend/Level 4/ATK:?/DEF:?). When a Flesh Mound Token is summoned, they gain the ATK and DEF of the monster they replace. Once per turn you may destroy a Flesh Mound Token and add its ATK to a target Flesh Mound Token's ATK, add its DEF to the target Token's DEF, and increase the target Token's Level by 1.
  14. Hello everyone! I made a thread a while ago and have finally decided to try and advertise it here (my daily posts make it feel like necro-bumping in a round-about way).

    The thread is basically a place to throw wild ideas out there just to get it out of your head. Sometimes, before creating something great, creators will get their creativity flowing by creating lesser works, and that can also be what you can use this thread for! All you have to do is write up something that isn't an instant win in a short span of time, and then label it for critique (if you want commentary that is).

    1. Horu


      Love your ideas and i'll post something again when I have more time.

  15. The Fearmongeror (open) [Lv. 3 | Dark] Psychic/Effect When this monster is summoned, name an attribute. Neither you or your opponent can Special Summon monsters of that attribute so long as this monster is on the field. ATK: 800 DEF: 1200
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