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  1. Thank you for commenting! I designed this card with Nebula Neos in mind, so I'm happy that you made that example. I think that Eden would be particularly fun to experiment with in Xyz decks, too, even though I'm a bit worried about this mechanic being too advantageous (I recall Terrortop having a comparable mechanic to Eden of Evolution and being limited because of it). In Warrior decks, for instance, I might be able to summon Isolde with Aqua Dolphin and Neos without even using a Normal Summon.
  2. Eden of Evolution Field Spell Card https://www.pixelstalk.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Field-flowers-wallpaper-landscapes-background.jpg, http://static.materialicious.com/images/night-sky-landscapes-by-jesse-summers-o.jpg (This card's name is always treated as "Neo Space".) You can activate the effects of "Chrysalis" monters from your hand. When you Special Summon a "Neo-Spacian" monster(s): you can Special Summon 1 "Elemental HERO Neos" from your hand or Deck. The Fusion Summon of "Neos" monsters cannot be negated, also the effect of "Neos" Fusion monsters cannot be negated.
  3. The Weather Painter Girdle (EARTH) LVL 3 https://www.imagekind.com/bellydancer_art?IMID=b45d1f72-a40c-4219-9f34-addd46bd05b8 Fairy/Effect If one or more "The Weather" monster(s) is sent to the GY: you can Special Summon this card from your hand. When this card is Summoned: Gain 1000 Life Points. Once per turn, during the Standby Phase of the turn after this card was banished from the field to activate a "The Weather" card's effect: You can Special Summon this banished card. ATK 1000/DEF 1600 The Weather Painter Girdled Canvas Continuous Trap Card https://fineartamerica.com/feat
  4. I really like the synergy between the tokens from Lost World and Twin-Headed Tyrant Rex´s pearcing battle damage. While it is not a boss monster, it certainly feels like a threat, especially when protected by Lost World. It´s a shame that it is currently difficult to summon in a dinosaur deck. My suggestion is to make a contact fusion possible, maybe only when certain conditions are met, but even without a restriction on that the card should be fine.
  5. That's a really versatile starter if you ask me, because it can be used in combination both with on-Summon and and on-death Effect Monsters. As I see it, a self-destruction trigger is all but a limit to the card in a competitive environment, especially if the monster gets effectively replaced. I like the card, but isn't it a bit too powerful? Should you think so, you could add (in keeping with the theme of the card) an effect such as "...destroy the Summoned monster, then you cannot Special Summon monsters until the End Phase", or extend the self-destruction effect to each monster you Specia
  6. I think it would be a perfectly fine card without the additional effects from overlaying Thunder King Rai-Oh or Denko Sekka, especially with so many ATK points. If you want to keep them, though, I would set an ATK-based condition: "If at least one of the Xyz-Materials had 1700 ATK or more, then... . If at least one of the Xyz-Materials had 1900 ATK or more, then... ." It just seems more elegant to me, and also less restrictive deck-building-wise. Other than that, I would make the statics affect both players, like the original Effect Monsters. This way they would feel less unfair, a
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