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  1. Thanks, in a world that seems to favor exclusion over inclusion, it's nice to know there are still people out there that want to expand their communities~♡ I hope to healthily contribute to the community this time
  2. Thanks, Tinkerer, I hope to stick around this time, lol~♡
  3. Greetings and Saaalutations, friends and friendos~♡ Hope you people and nonpeople are having a wonderful/terrible morning/afternoon/evening/night/nonexistence. I haven't played Yugioh in years, but I hope the community is as nice as I remember it being when I was like 13-15ish. I play Magic the Gathering, mostly now, but have a lot of fond nostalgia for YCMaker. Maybe, you and I, we could become friends, and through a belief in the Heart of the Cards, we could stand against any industrial illusionists that aim to oppress us. Fondness and Affection, Kaylee-chan, Mistress of all things queer and unlikely~♡
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