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  1. Banned for not Missing the Dark Puzzle master. The door of darkness will open upon you soon.
  2. Yami Kiniko

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, you are now SCP-2674-Æ. You are sealed in SCP-2674-Æ-S. _________ / ¤ \ | | <------- SCP-2674-Æ-S I wish my wish (v) was actually granted Because being WINDOWS VISTA does not give me the power of ALPHA!Sans.
  3. Yami Kiniko

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, you are a Rayquaza, with a mega stone. I wish i had the power of ALPHA!Sans in my soul.
  4. Antimatter Powered Nuclear Bomb
  5. Banned because Did You Miss My Chaos?
  6. Banned because what You going to do when there is blood in the waters.
  7. Good idea. Does she have a G-Max or Mega form? What's her ability?
  8. Yami Kiniko

    Corrupt a wish

    It is a Skull Shaped laser blaster that Sans uses Granted, I love Undertale and all the Alternate universe's that come with it. I wish I have the powers that let me Summon Gaster Blasters.
  9. Banned because þis is Ban the ußer above you
  10. ßæňňəđ fœř þýpïňğ ňœřmæłłý
  11. Yami Kiniko

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, create a Gaster blaster. I wish I had a Real life Inteleon.
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