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    Like to make new Yugioh cards especially terraria cards. I like to play some sports like tennis ball.

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  1. So I've read some of my comments that My yugioh cards are unfair and I know its not but Ill try to make it better to make it fair. I'll post a question to see that should I fix my Yugioh cards to make it fair and even or leave it like.
  2. I feel like you have the reason. Ill try to make it loo better what you asked.
  3. Dr. Jolly Glot the III I feel like you have a reason. So thx for telling me about sort of my cards that are a little bit unfair. So just Ill send u some message for sort of help with the card
  4. hmmm Could u kinda make it a lvl 6? Just to be fair on it but I like your idea
  5. i would say terraria because its my favorite game to play. plus I kinda made them to yugioh btw
  6. So feel free to comment me for what card of terraria should I make for Yugioh
  7. This is the terraria Yugioh card where I make new cards of Terraria. New cards has been added.
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