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  1. Hello. I am Yuno. I love strategy and idle games, I love Yugioh and UNO because of the strategy involved. Please be my friend.

    1. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      Welcome to YCM, mind the rules and enjoy your stay. We happy to see your card creations soon

    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Yep, what the Dr. said XD. There's even a place where you can make a formal introduction to everyone, you can tell us about yourself and the things you're interested in ^_^

    3. Phelphor, of the Deep

      Phelphor, of the Deep

      I'll be your friend if you help me purge the illegitimate government of Canada plus Canada is not a real country any how.

  2. Yuno Unisa

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but UNO DRAW 4 and ITS BLUE I wish i was more active on YCM
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