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  1. Repeated effects becoming rules would remove a lot of clutter, but you would also have no way to easily negate those rules. I don't know.
  2. Kuriboh Factory Rainbow Dragon of Ids may have been a tad difficult of an option to end off on.
  3. Bumped again because a guy posted in the wrong forum.
  4. Rarity is used to make sure not too many of a card are gained at once.
  5. I'm curious as to how this mechanic would mix with my made-up mechanics. I like how this mechanic works, and the level can be changed to change the effect depending on the words used. Combination cards like Tuner/Diagonal Summon Monsters and Ritual/Diagonal Summon Monsters might be a tad difficult to make but it is possible, I think. Got nothing much else to say. It is a good mechanic.
  6. By "Complete stat line" do you mean the moveset, the height/weight or both?
  7. After 3 cards follow a condition, a new condition can be set. Offer two options, one easy, so you don't lock a player out of the game with something complicated. The first option for a condition can be pretty hardcore as long as the second option doesn't cut out any players. Condition: Its effect text must have "The effect of 'X' becomes:" where "X" is a card name OR Its flavor text must show some lore as to why the ATK/DEF or ATK/LINK is the way it is. (I just know a certain someone is going to point out that this game already exists/has something similar, so if you know where the link is, just post it here.)
  8. I guess bump, but this is the last time I'm bumping this. Okay, basically the Blood Pump archetype saps effects or waters them down. For example: cutting the Field Type advantage/disadvantage in half. If anyone wants to add cards to this archetype or make your own spin on it, feel free to add your cards here. It is an open archetype.
  9. Ink Well of Omegas This card must be activated alongside the Effect of Ink Quill of Omegas. You can target 1 card with an Omega Ranking from the field or your hand; if it is not already in your hand, put it in your hand; it is Special Summoned as a Monster Type of your choice ignoring summoning conditions and if it had summoning conditions besides that of Omega Fusion and Omega Summoning, then banish face-down 1 card from your hand or deck and shuffle your deck. Ink Quill of Omegas This card must be activated alongside the Effect of Ink Well of Omegas. You can draw 1 card from your deck or extra deck and if it is a card with an Omega Ranking: you can draw another card from your Deck or extra deck and if it is a card with an Omega Ranking: you can select 1 card from the cards you banished and add it to your hand OR select one WIND or Fairy-Type Monster that you banished or sent to the graveyard and add it to your hand. Ink Pump of Omegas Continuous You can activate this card as a Continuous Spell or Continuous Trap. Each turn at the start of your Standby Phase, place one Radar Counter (max. 3) on this card. If you have 3 Radar Counters on this card, you can: Remove all Radar Counters from this card; search your deck, GY or side of the field for an "Ink Well of Omegas" or an "Ink Quill of Omegas"; if your search is successful, then add it to your hand. While "Umi" is face-up on the field, each turn at the end of your Standby Phase, flip a coin, and if you call it right, add one Radar Counter to this card; otherwise destroy this card. The idea behind these cards is to make Omega Summoning with mixed decks easier.
  10. I like how the name of the card encapsulates the effect; you basically get new beginnings at the risk of a harsh ending.
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