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  1. Pill of Duality Spell/Equip Cannot be equipped to Tokens. Gives the originally-Normal Monster this is equipped to if any treatment as an Effect Monster with the following Monster Effect: *For every turn this Monster has the DARK Attribute and not the LIGHT Attribute, remove 1 Light-Alignment Counter from this card or if you can not, add 1 Dark-Alignment Counter to this card (max. 3). For every turn this Monster has the LIGHT Attribute and not the DARK Attribute, remove 1 Dark-Alignment Counter from this card or if you can not, add 1 Light-Alignment Counter to this card (max. 3). If this does not have the LIGHT Attribute, has the DARK Attribute, and has 3 Dark-Alignment Counters, the DARK Attribute on this card must be swapped for the LIGHT Attribute. If this does not have the DARK Attribute, has the LIGHT Attribute, and has 3 Light-Alignment Counters, the LIGHT Attribute on this card must be swapped for the DARK Attribute. Flip a coin; if Heads, out of LIGHT and DARK, this Monster has the LIGHT Attribute and not the DARK Attribute, but if Tails, out of LIGHT and DARK, this Monster has the DARK Attribute and not the LIGHT Attribute. If activated by you, you cannot activate a "Pill of Duality" after until the 5th of your End Phases after said activation ends. Impervious to effects that alter effects.
  2. Yes, I agree. This is a problem of mine. I always either make my effects either too scrambled or too risky. I'll try harder to avoid that. I seem to have a habit of not doing what I say sometimes, but I'll see what I can do.
  3. I plan on making cards that behave like the LV cards except you tribute cards based on their Original Defense. I know the 'Monster Type' and 'Attribute' are probably incorrect canon-wise (seeing as how a computer program implied it is a beast, not a fairy, and the philosophical energy I get from this guy tends toward EARTH, not LIGHT.) But I would like to think that this is what category it would fall under if I chose. I can change the category to something more fitting for balance, as Big Fairy doesn't seem to fit in YuGiOh either. Proper Card Grammar Text and Problem Solving Card Text is also welcome. Broth Nightingale - 1000 Strong LIGHT Level 3 Fairy/Effect If the ATK or DEF of this card becomes 2000 or above or below 1000, banish this card face down. You can not Summon this card if you Summoned another "Broth Nightingale" with a higher Original Defense than this has this Duel.
  4. Daggers of Temporal Darkness Equip-Trap You cannot Equip this card to a "Paradox - Interference Incarnate" nor "Jinzo" nor any Fusion Monster using either nor both as Fusion Material nor a LIGHT non-DARK Monster. Every time an effect activation is declared, you can declare a delay until the end of the 4th End Phase and if you do, the timing that uses "when" in that effect uses "if" instead and your opponent has to flip a coin and call it at the start of each turn of the delay for each effect; if your opponent guesses right for an effect, the delay for that effect is set to the start of a sooner Phase of the opponent's choosing if possible and that effect shall continue where it left off then, regardless of attempts to negate after. You can only Equip 1 "Daggers of Temporal Darkness" to a Monster at a time. (This next part is for reference so the comparison can be made as to what custom card "Paradox - Interference Incarnate" is since it changed or something.) Paradox - Interference Incarnate Effect Monster DARK Level 3 Fairy/Effect The Attribute of this Monster is also WATER. * Target a Monster on the Field; Negate their effect and prevent their effect from activating even if they are face-down. * Declare an effect text; (Quick Effect) if a Monster with that exact effect text tries to activate their effect(s) this turn, that effect(s) is instead not activated. You can only activate one of the optional effects of "Paradox - Interference Incarnate" once per turn and if you do, (Quick Effect) Banish the top card of your Deck face-down and exclude it from other effect calculations if possible. ATK/ 700, DEF/1050
  5. Pot of Greed got banned and that drew two cards straight from the Deck. I don't know. It might be a challenge, but if it does go into RC, you might get a compliment, you might not. TBH, I too, have not been keeping up with the meta. Now there are Link Monsters. If it were the past, maybe, maybe this would go through real easy.
  6. Level 12 EARTH Fairy/Fusion/Effect Effect: 1 "Kuri" Monster + 1 "Time Wizard" Monster + 1 Monster with 1500 or less printed ATK or printed DEF + 1 "The Wicked Avatar" + 1 card with a discarding or banishing effect, optional or otherwise. Cannot be Fusion Summoned except by this card's effect. Cannot be Fusion Summoned except by Tributing (Immediately upon declaration and success) the cards listed after calling the coin toss for a "Time Wizard" effect successfully, then calling it right again after declaring your attempt to Fusion Summon this Monster. This Monster gains the effect(s) of all the cards you used as Fusion Material to Fusion Summon it except for that of a "Time Wizard". Only 1 "One With Alchemy" card can be face-up on the Field at a time; all extras are immediately Banished face-down. This also counts as a "The Wicked Avatar" Monster and a "Kuriboh" Monster. If the 3rd Fusion Material listed here is moved to another location after this is Fusion Summoned, Banish this card face-down. This card also counts as in your hand while face-up on the Field. ATK: 1500/DEF: 1000 (Let me know if this creates any conflicts with other custom cards as well as how to make this card better.)
  7. My Health for My Glory Continuous Spell Card Effect: This card irrevocably cannot be used as Fusion Material to Fusion Summon "One With Alchemy". This card can only be activated while you have at least one of the numbered conditions face-up on your side of the Field unless stated. 1) "One With Alchemy" Monster or 2) a Fusion Monster that used "One With Alchemy" for its Fusion Summon or 3) a "The Wicked" Monster or 4) a "Kuri" Monster or 5) you choose to Banish face-down half your Deck's cards, rounded up, then shuffle your remaining Deck. If the 1st or 2nd option for the resolution of this effect is not used, the following is restricted to the End Phase(s) except payment. Once per each of your Phases at the ends of your Phases, you can: Assign (not using addition) or dissolve (not using subtraction) a Rank OR Level OR Attribute OR Type OR set-up of Link Arrows OR Xyz Material count OR count and name of Counter OR Red Scale OR Blue Scale from a Monster card that has appeared on the Field face-up while this is face-up to/from a Monster Card. (If the environment of the Duel asks for one of the settings of one of those properties, and multiple settings are assigned, choose.) For each alteration in this way present on a Monster Card(s) at the start of each of your Standby Phases: Pay 500 LP OR Banish this card face-down. You can only activate the effect of "My Health for My Glory" twice per Duel. Experiment: This card experiments with cards having multiple Ranks/Levels/etc. and/or having assigned properties not native to the kind of Monster Card they are. I don't recommend playing this card in a Duel where you only get 2000 LP to start with however, as that will only last for 3 upgrades (or downgrades) leading to only maybe 1 to 3 mess-ups on this card. And if you pay the 5th option to activate this card, it'll rarely if ever be worth it, but hey, Heart of the Cards and whatnot. But seriously though, I think this card needs work.
  8. So basically it has search momentum. Interesting.
  9. Life the Deity EARTH Level 12 Beast/Effect ATK/3500 DEF/1750 Effect: This also has the most common Attribute on the Field for the remainder of the Duel. Place 9 Contract Counters OR the remainder that once were on this card this Duel on this card (max. 9), and activate an effect at the start of your turn based on how many Counters you remove each turn (picking only from that list.) *Removed 0- Nothing additional. *Removed 1- Roll a dye and multiply that result by 2 OR 4. Search through your Deck until you find the card that deep in your Deck, then go deeper until you get to a Monster Card without summoning conditions in its effect, cycling back if you reach the bottom first. If you go through the whole Deck without getting to that Monster Card with that characteristic, Summon a Gift Token (Level: 0/ EARTH/Beast/ATK: 870/DEF:430); but if you do not, Summon the Monster Card. Shuffle your Deck. *Removed 9- Roll a dye. If you rolled a 1 or 2, add a Spell Card from your Deck to your hand. If you rolled a 3 or 4, add a Trap Card from your Deck to your hand. If you rolled a 5, add a Normal Monster from your Deck to your hand. If you rolled a 6, add an Effect Monster from your Deck to your hand. If the roll doesn't give you a card from your Deck, move down the list accordingly. The card you added to your hand in this way will return to the Deck if it will be sent to the GY this time otherwise. Shuffle your Deck. The card would probably be banned on the spot. I'm thinking for balance, I should require 4 Tributes before it gets Summoned.
  10. Punishing players for playing sly. Sounds nice.
  11. Continuous Trap Card. You can only activate and perfectly resolve 1 'Golden Phoenix Down' per Duel. Choose an Effect: * If a monster is no longer going to be used on the Field during the Duel after an effect is resolved otherwise, you can chain this to that effect that causes that, striking any instances of the words (from any language viewpoint) 'immediately' or 'immediate' from that effect you chain to, and suspend that effect until that Monster leaves the Field or is attached to an Xyz Monster. (For example, if it causes a win condition, even if that win condition is immediate otherwise is suspended.) This Trap cannot be removed from the Field except by resolving that suspended effect first or having no suspended effect. *Summon this card by the name 'Baby Phoenix' and as an Effect Monster (Flying Beast/FIRE/Level 1/ATK: 0/ DEF: 0), then Treat that Monster as a Pyro Monster as well, increasing its Original Attack and Original Defense by 200, its Original Level by 1, and placing 1 Maturity Counter on this card (max. 3) each time it is about to be destroyed by battle otherwise instead of destroying it in battle. Change the name of the Monster accordingly through the following list each time it has 3 Maturity Counters on it, removing those 3 each time: 'Fire-Feasting Phoenix', 'Mature Phoenix', 'Grand Phoenix', 'Giant Phoenix'. (This Monster is still treated as a Trap.)
  12. I LIKE PURPLE! Just wanted to get that out of my system.
  13. Right now, you are either conflict incarnate or a magnet to such. Unless you are debating for the thrill of it. Conflict as a need, more of a need than communication is, is impossible. A clockwork universe, however, would be boring to write. Unless you like the biggest fireworks show you've ever seen. Let us make a Turing Machine out of Conflict. Call it "The game of Conflict". An inevitably-2-player game. Then try to run it on itself. See how long it lasts.
  14. ATK/2250;DEF/1500 I changed the ATK to be just below 2300 yet gave it a level 3/4 DEF. I think that is a little better. If anyone has any other improvements, let me know. I want to make sure this custom card is good enough and I could use the constructive criticism.
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