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  1. I'll try to describe what is going on or intended with the cards starting effect in different words. Cards in battle with their battle stats (Attack for 1 in Attack Position, the one respective to Position for the other.) are being looked at. If the Original Attack or Original Defense of a card in that battle is 1600, you can activate the card. If the Attack of 1 is a multiple of the Position stat of the other, and both are less than 1600 you can activate the card. Then you use division to get a number at or if not whole next to yet less than the quotient. An even number can let you activate subeffect 3. A number up to 10 says how many cards can be destroyed by subeffect 2, or if higher than 10, just say it is 10. subeffect 1 is there by choice and requires no special number to activate. Tbh, I agree now. This effect is too wordy. It would be much easier to throw out the arbitrary 1600 cap and just have a division problem that cycles through the subeffects till it lands on one and activations occur then. Maybe I'd call that "Fated Hand Cycler".
  2. It is a +0.5 possibly on each turn. I can't say much except it isn't a Jar of Greed every turn or even every 3 turns, and 3 seems to be the magic number when it comes to turns or activations. Might be pretty safe. As long as there aren't any graveyard effects/effect updates based on what gets in the graveyard you would like to negate. A very basic card. Also, a player running low on cards can just choose not to draw off of that effect. Very well made.
  3. This effect stays refering to the earliest set-up as "you", "your opponent", and "your Spell/Trap Zone" and cannot switch control by the effect of this card: (Continuous) X. The Duelist(s) that set this card can activate the following effect as belonging to them if this card is set on the opponent-of-that-Duelist's side of the field: (Continuous ) Y. Choose your flavor. I don't know if this is what you meant but I hope it helps.
  4. What about a trap that splits the Field in two, limiting battle choices?
  5. Maybe I made the effect too limiting. I guess I'll remove the 1600 ATK/DEF limit. But yeah, you get a number and can use it for 1 of 2 effects or just banish a card face-down outright from your opponents deck. Printed Attack or Printed Defense of 1600 also qualify as long as it is part of the battle. Like say you have 1600 ATK and your opponent has 4500 ATK -- not quite 3, the resulting division problem gives you 2, so you can either activate subeffect (3) or destroy 2 cards, bumping their GY effects till your second End Phase.
  6. How it is supposed to work. You have two Monsters in battle. You have two battle stats: The Attack of 1 Monster and the Battle Position Strength ( Attack for Attack Position, Defense for Defense Position ) of the other Monster. Short version: The stats they use for damage calculation. One stat has to be a multiple of another stat on top of both being below 1600 to activate this card or the Original Attack ( Printed Attack Usu. ) or Original Defense ( Printed Defense Usu. ) of one of the Monsters has to be 1600 to activate this card . There is a "Hand" Monster Card that got released with 1600 Printed ATK, so this card would go well with that card. You have a whole number (Used instead of say, a load of Counters, to future proof it from being manipulated.) Which is the higher stat divided by the lower stat. You show this number to your opponent so they know you are going to use it for something later in the effect. You choose a subeffect. Destroy up to 10 or that written number, whichever is lower, cards on the Field. Delay the true effects triggered by this destruction so that effects that activate in the GY can't be abused. OR Send the top card of your opponents deck out of play face-down. Due to how the new ruling works, its effects do not activate on banishment at all. It is like a reverse half-Jar of Greed. OR Say your opponent will activate a die-using effect in the future of the Duel. For example, Skull Dice. If your written number is even (ex. 1400 ATK divided by 700 DEF from when you were writing down a number, Or 3000 ATK divided by 1500~1001 ATK/DEF from when you were writing down a number.), as long as that is the next dice roll, lets say it rolled a 4, you can change that by 1, lets say a 5 or a 3. The point of the card is to disrupt games of chance and reward the player for playing a sort of minigame with the math of equip cards and battle stats.
  7. Quick Play Spell Involving two Monsters in a battle: Activate immediately when/while a Monster whose ATK is a multiple of the other Monster in Attack Position's ATK OR other Monster in Defense Position's Defense and both stats are below 1600 OR immediately when/while either Monster has an Original ATK or Original DEF of 1600. Write down the whole number of the ATK on the Monster with higher ATK divided by the stat the Position of the other Monster uses and show it to your opponent. Do one of the following. Banish the top card of your opponent's Deck face-down. Up to 10 or the written number, whichever is lower: Destroy cards on the Field; effects activated from this destruction or in the GY as a result of this effect are delayed till the 2nd of your End Phases. The next dice roll you can change by 1. You can only pick this if the written number is even. This might belong in Advanced section, but I'll leave it here in case it still needs tweaking.
  8. I skimmed some of the names of the cards without looking them up. If you want to keep some of your cards a secret for the purpose of strategic advantage, at least say so in the top post so everyone rating can say they are rating that portion of the deck. Now for the rating. I'll assume it is a 6.7 at worst and a 10 at best. You could probably squeeze in one more strategy. Its not an Exodia/FINAL/Countdown deck, but from what I see, there is no LP Recovery either--which is a dangerous juggling act, but with certain effect loops going around, why would you worry about LP? It probably relies on card-pulling quickly, so maybe a Penguin Card, a Spear Cretin, or even a medicinal XYZ Monster could round things out. Something, anything to stall out your opponent in case you face a mirror opponent or a deck centered around Mirror Force effects. As far as effort is concerned, I give a perfect 10 as you clearly spent money on fine-tuned packs. Also, I don't recommend it: there is a card that can destroy 4 star monsters quickly in case you think your opponent spams 4 star monsters.
  9. Okay, I'll be honest. I'm not that experienced when it comes to making cards and may tend to make a cost of banishment face down for my strongest effects due to how op my effects may be. But this feels like a late or mid game card. I like how you need 12 Warrior Monsters to make the effect here work . Maybe something like "You can take" can be used so you can get it out of your hand and combo it with Royal Magical Library s effect . But I can't say anything else of value at the moment. Edit: "Take and place aside but not in your hand" might be what you mean.
  10. Take or receive up to 12 but no less than (8)... Unless it is supposed to be hard to use.
  11. Should Dark Synchro Omega Fusions with Stacks be a thing? Because I have an anime-style card for you. You choose the type. I'm going for DARK. You can also name it based on its Attribute Dark Sky-Dwelling Creature Level -12 Spellc./Beast/Dragon/Omega/A/Effect. (Ignore the Type rule when Omega Summoning.) A card with a high price to pay. ATK/? DEF/? Basically someone pays a high price to attack or defend with the card. Even the summon is weird. And its level is negative. I'll let you choose the cost, and payoff of the effect. There should be six cards of this legend possible.
  12. @Dr. Jolly Glot the III I changed the top post so it is more in line with the content. Basically, the picture may be different from card to card. This makes it a collectors item. You may get a mirror, fireworks, or an explosion for a picture, or maybe something else. At anyone, any thoughts?
  13. I may be interested in creating cards or releasing some cards I already posted, but these may need tweaking before they get approved. Um, oops, this post is really old. Sorry if I'm too late. Sorry if I necrobumped. Looks fun. How was it?
  14. If 7 "DB Earth Dragon Ball" cards of all different names are on the field, you win the Duel. Like that?
  15. @Darj https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Opti-Camouflage_Armor: exists https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Royal_Magical_Library: I forgot that this exists You have a point. At worst I could type something like: This card is not treated as an activated Pendulum Spell. Pick a Pendulum Scale of any number from 0 to 4. Or just that last sentence by itself or This card is still treated as a Pendulum Monster. Pick a Pendulum Scale of any number from 0 to 4. Or maybe. This card is not treated as an activated Pendulum Spell. This card is still treated as a Pendulum Monster. Negate the Monster Effect (1) of this card while this is where Pendulum Spells normally go by non-effect mechanics. Pick a Pendulum Scale of any number from 0 to 4 while this is where the rightmost of Pendulum Spells go on your side of the field. If I really wanted to make this work. Does placing a card somewhere imply it gets the properties of whatever goes there by non-effect mechanics or does the effect have to say to treat a card a certain way before that happens? What is the ruling? It does look neater though. Tell you what, you do what you want with the card and we can share the credit.
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