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  1. what do you think now?:
  2. i noticed you made their outfit more revealing, is not as i'm complaining either XD...
  3. here is another card of my design, this time is a spirit monster to help a little bit this kind of monsters, since they sen few use in metagame, tell me what do you think, and yeah, i made the artwork by myself, @Rayfield Lumina :
  4. looks nice although the second effect is a bit situational, i've seen few cards wirh LP cost lastly...
  5. you knows sofia? i supposed being the only one...
  6. not bad, you have good knowledge of anatomy and although i'm not into furries i think she's nice...
  7. Here is another card for my "no-archetype", this case is a field spell card, i would want your opinion about how to make it more balanced, what do you think @Zaziuma , @Lystern and @Rayfield Lumina:
  8. mi other option was that to make them to restric the opponent as lon i have 2 or more normal monsters without mention the category thing, that's possible?
  9. i would like to have help into correct the gramar of my anti-archetype cards because at least i think i applied everithing that i readed here, also, i think that the category word already exist as onomatopaira has showed:
  10. what do you think of my fakemons? in my gallery of DA i have an entire carpet
  11. well, i will participate :the first one is angelique bijou, an oc i created, the second one is sofia, from sofia the first, combined with a winx fantrasformation called garderix(that don't belong to me) and some pokemon from my creation:
  12. how i should spell their effects? i ask since the english is not my native language.
  13. since in another forum i was told my cards would be better here i decided to move my idea for new card: basically cards that balance the actual metagame, six new pendulum monsters. @Rayfield Lumina, @Darj @Dr. Jolly Glot the III what do you thinkl of the new monster i've created?:
  14. and what do you think now of my collection?, i decided to modify scanner golem's artowrk making it to look more tough and i created 3 new cards, thanks if you help me to make them more competitive in a balanced way.
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