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  1. Granted it is the solar Powered Ally of Justice PC, so it hates LIGHT and will only activate if there is ambient sunlight continuously shining on it. I wish that the Ally of Justice PC would become the #1 bestselling PC in the world.
  2. Granted, The Green Lantern Movie comes out, it's esactly the same as before, but Ryan Renolds has been replaced by a Clog-Dancing Donald Trump who wears Orange Shorts when not in costume. I wish @Rayfield Lumina would not gouge their eyes out at the thought of this.
  3. Granted, but your mind explodes from the sheer size of his family. ( He brags about it ) I wish to know why he would post something about his family on a Yu-Gi-Oh card maker.
  4. In knowing the reason why kiniko wants to go there, you find yourself trapped in a infite series of cherry-scented Paradoxes who are trying to throw themselves at the ground and miss. I wish to know why paradoxes are cherry-scented instead of the more pleasurable grape scented.
  5. Hysterically Serious Earnest Madman Equip Spell Equip only to a Warrior, Fiend, or Fairy Type monster. All other monsters on the field have their ATK become 499 higher than the equipped monster's. The Equipped monster can only be targeted by an attack from a monster with 500 or more ATK than it. If a card or effect activates that would increase a monsters ATK: Destroy this card, and if you do; Destroy all cards on the field: The both players gain 499 LP and Special Summon 1 Monster from their GY's, but their effects are negated, and they lose 499 ATK. You can only use each effect of "Hysterically Serious Earnest Madman" once per turn. Next: "Oh no! He's going to Jump! Don't do it!"
  6. Anyone up for a game of Chess? https://www.duelingbook.com/deck?id=5669824

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star
    2. aperturasdeajedrez


      Just going crazy for a game of chess at lichess against you bro!

      Accept challenge?

  7. I have very mixed feelings about Shiny Redro. Even if I haven't known you very long. 

    1. Lazarus IV

      Lazarus IV

      Lol. It's not that big a change.  Wait a couple days if ya wanna see bigger surprise.

    2. Friend of Justice
    3. Bluvista


      Well, I so happen to like Shiny Redro. Blue is nice color, and it suits them well. 

  8. Love the new Profile Pic

  9. Hey Blu, glad to see you're back!

  10. Granted, the first attack that hit's me teleports me back to my Espeon. I wish to help Espeon master it's powers even while asleep.
  11. Granted, but Wikipedia disintegrates upon them becoming responsible. I wish for a tame, real - life Espeon who doesn't mind being a pet.
  12. Good news to anyone who cares! I found my Bright Orange Shorts! (My Bright Orange Tank Top was feeling lonely) I can finally dress like a traffic cone again!

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Bluvista


      Oh god no, Not those. I though you lost them for good, but no, I guess I have to suffer the horror of seeing you where them again. : (

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      I pity you, Blu *pats your shoulder* Be strong

    4. Bluvista


      I'll try, lumina, i'll try. 

  13. >> @Rayfield Lumina I want you to try making an Archetype out of the card I left you.

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    2. Friend of Justice
    3. Friend of Justice

      Friend of Justice

      also, good night! See you tomorrow!

    4. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      "Infinite Wisdom of the Most Defensive" Oh man, that's one long name ^_^''

  14. Shuckle's Shuffling Shuttle Continuous Spell Once per turn: If you control a "Shuckle", "Redro", "Redrus", and/or "Tinker" Continuous Trap; you can target 2 cards on the field, (1 on each players field) and 1 card in both players hands, those cards are shuffled into their owners respective decks, and if they are: Both players draw until they have 5 cards in their hand. You cannot attack your opponent directly, or attack monsters that aren't in the 1st or 5th Main Monster zones the turn you activate this effect. You cannot Special Summon monsters from your Extra Deck the turn you activate this effect (You can still Special Summon monsters from your opponents Extra Deck, though) You can only use each effect of "Shuckle's Shuffling Shuttle" once per turn. Next: Infinite Wisdom of the Most Defensive
  15. My favorite Arc-V duel, sporting one of my favorite Synchro Monsters, Enlightenment Paladin!
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