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  1. hello

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    2. Friend of Justice

      Friend of Justice

      I like the concept and the art, (even if most of their effects aren't very good)

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      That's a nice story. Even though your username was pretty revealing, I thought I might not be right, considering there are like 1200 archetypes out there. And yeah, it'd be good if they were better.

    4. Friend of Justice

      Friend of Justice

      Personally, I think they would actually see play if they all had Catastor's clause of "Non-DARK" instead of just LIGHT.

      Goodness it would make them so good. (Although maybe just keep Quaratine the way it is, we don't need s monster that floodgate 5/6 of all monsters.) 

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