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  1. Banned for thinking the picture is from a manga
  2. Banned got having an uninspired club name
  3. Banned for not having a dog https://images.app.goo.gl/gChfpfrtnQ3iDtMt8
  4. Sage Jake

    Striker for Mod

    Let Striker have his moment to shine. Embrace the chaos
  5. So thoughts on the newest episode?
  6. Banned because I deemed it necessary
  7. Striker you old so and so! How is life?

  8. Do I enjoy Fire Emblem? Yes I have literally every game that had been localized for the West, played and beat.
  9. Ladies and Gentleman! The legend has returned!

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    2. Dae


      What was her name?

    3. Sage Jake

      Sage Jake

      Have I been gone THAT long no one remembers?


    4. Dae


      Yeah. She was a thot.

      what did she look like again?

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