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  1. This is kind of sudden for me, I appreciate the offer but I'll have to think about it for a bit. I'll let @Rayfield Lumina know when I make my decision.
  2. I mean I'm fine with choosing someone else too, I'd just like an answer so I could start contributing soon. No pressure tho.
  3. Looks like a battle to the death then. For real tho, looks like we both want the same character so I'll leave the decision to you @Nobody Really. It seems like you have been on a bad streak of luck so I'm ok with choosing somebody else.
  4. I based it off of stats in Duel Links but it's true that it's a bit on the weaker side even for a Level 3. Huh, you learn something new every day. Honestly the image is on the more festive side compared to others from a quick google search. my intention was that his high defense was a reference to his lore but that works too.
  5. DARK Level 3 [Fiend] ATK/ 100 DEF/1600 Defensive of his fan mail despite the fact that they're basically letters meant for Santa but written by dyslexic kids, he delivers the presents anyways. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my first submission in YCM so apologies in advance for any mistakes. I'm submitting this for @Rayfield Lumina's christmas event, it's meant to be more of a joke card hence the lack of an effect. Unfortunately I could not find the author to give credit for the image I used.
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