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  1. I think a set up with battle mania is a little difficult, but I do think it can be given some restrictions. Make it a continuous spell that must be activated at the start of your main phase one and add a once per duel clause. (though my fix creates a new issue providing an easy direct attack.)
  2. Unless you can force your opponent to attack you directly, or them to you, the last effect will never go off. While this card is on the field it is basically saying only a total of 4 direct attacks can be made. This card doesn't force you to attack.
  3. These cards are great but I am concerned about Raijin FTK.
  4. Sorry Rayfield, I love the card you made for my prompt though! Crazy 8 (because 8 link arrows and 8 is wild in that game) Level 8 COSMOS Spellcaster/Effect 1600/3200 Can be special summoned by banishing the top 8 cards of your deck face down. This monster may be special summoned to an extra monster zone if summoned by its own effect. While a link monster points to this card, those link monsters and this card are treated as co-linked. Once per turn; banish cards from the top of your opponent's extra deck equal to the number of monsters co-linked to this card. Next: - Custom Type and Attribute - adds extra monster zones - is effected by the total number of cards in both players extra deck - pendulum
  5. Fish Curry (it's spicy :P) Counter trap When a effect is activated that would deal you effect damage, tribute one fish you control and take control of an opponent's monster with ATK less than the ATK of the tributed monster + the damage that would have been taken. If you would take effect damage while this card is in your GY, negate the damage and special summon a fish with less DEF then the damage you would have taken then gain LP equal to the original ATK or DEF (whichever is lower) of all fish monsters you control. Next: -Corporate theme - The word "reptile" is everywhere on the card (type, effect, and name). - level 10+ that can be normal summoned in alternative way - Gemini
  6. Odd? Summoner Level 2 Wind Psychic/Effect/Tuner This card on the field is treated as level 1 +2 times the number of ritual spells in your GY. This card can be summoned from your deck by sending 4 ritual spells from your deck to your GY during the turn this card is excavated by another card effect. This card cannot be used as material or tributed while you have exactly 4 ritual spells in your GY. When this card is summoned, your opponent can special summon a monster from their hand, deck, and GY, each with a level equal to or lower than the number of ritual spells in your GY; if they do they can attach a random monster from their extra deck to each card summoned this way with the effect "The equipped monster gains 1000 ATK. If your opponent activates a card effect (quick effect) you can return this card to the extra deck; negate that effect.", then you can add one ritual spell from your GY to your hand for each monster summoned this way. Next: - Even themed - XYZ that is a tuner and treats its rank as a level for synchro summons - Equips to opponent when it leaves the field - Eloquent
  7. 4 link arrows on a link 3? Love the effect though.
  8. Danger! God! LIGHT Level 12 Fairy/Effect 4000/4000 If you have 10 or more "Danger" cards in your GY, you can reveal this card in your hand; your opponent randomly chooses 1 card from your entire hand, then you discard the chosen card. Then, if the discarded card was not "Danger! God!", Special Summon 1 "Danger! God!" from your hand, and if you do, draw 1 card. If this card is discarded: You can take control of one monster with 2000 or more ATK your opponent controls. This card is unaffected by your card effects. You can only use this effect of "Danger! God!" once per turn. Next: Translucent and bouncy Fluffy and sweet worth more than a cent more bountiful than currency mellow jello melfy you meet (sorry for being a little too obvious you can ignore the third line)
  9. Marshmallon's bro, not by blood, in the gang he is apart of. They portray themselves as evil but take on the darkness. (I'm assuming you meant Marshmallon because I couldn't find Marshmellon) Bromallon Level 8 FIRE Fairy/Effect 2500/2800 (Is treated as "Marshmallon" on the field and GY) Can be normal summoned without tribute if you control a "Marshmallon" card. If a "Marshmallon" battles a dark monster, all "Marshmallon" monsters gain ATK and DEF equal to the ATK and DEF of the dark monster. Next: * Tsundere * Part of a fake gang * likes books * WATER attribute
  10. a couple questions 1. What does "sacrificed" mean? 2. Is the keep it on the field if it would be destroyed by battle effect mandatory?
  11. Hey guys I'm having a hard time keeping up with the RP. I'm thinking of changing the rules to someone responds to what happens when you do something and then says what they wish to do.
  12. Pure water spell Gain 500 LP. At the 2nd standby phase after activation, return a monster you control to your hand; Draw one card, add a card from your GY to your hand. Next: Scorching heat or biting cold. Burned or grilled as unstoppable as being trolled. Clothes a bundle of warmth in the desperate freeze. Clothes are more reliable than AC. To fall asleep and never wake in the sun’s relentless rays. To always move and find more shelter from the snow’s torrent. I shall take the path I feel I may resist. I can’t stand the heat I have left the kitchen.
  13. Jigsaw Effect Continuous spell While you control 2+ monsters with the same attribute, those monsters can't be targeted or destroy by spell/traps. While you control 2+ monsters with the same type, those monsters can't be targeted or destroy by monster effects. If this faceup card would leave the field, you can banish one monster you control that doesn't share a type or attribute with any other monster you control instead. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Inspired by Saw the movie -field spell -the person with more LP is in control - seems unassuming
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