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  1. Last 2 things: I updated like you advised. What monsters have "itsu" in the name except the itsu fairies?
  2. I am actually working on Extra deck cards for the itsu archetype. Including 2xyz, 1 synchro, and 2 fusions. Divinitsu is gaining the effect to make all itsu monsters level 1. xyz rank 1 and rank 2. I am making a rank up card yeah I actually have those cards but I forgot about them. Personally I don't mind posts like this that make a point. It is still very related. I am kind of ignoring the whole union aspect the archetype. I am building off of something existing and spinning it in an alternative direction. Some players only look at level, attack, an
  3. Thanks don't really know where certain ideas go. Is there a way to remove this.

    Corrupt a wish

    granted. You now have a normal life of pain and suffering like the rest of the world. I wish my phone never ran out of battery.

    Corrupt a wish

    granted but every story they don't read comes true. I wish Shiba warrior Taru was real.
  6. Yeah love the card, well balanced works well with cards that only have effects when discarded. I don't even know which name I like more.
  7. Actually I think Wattkinetic Puppeteer and transfamiliar don't allow you to abuse the card they make the card more viable in todays meta. I like that when it switches control to the opponent there is a chance you can take your opponents monster especially if you use wattkinetic on one of your opponents monsters before Deadly's effect. Also 2 line in Deadly's effect make it an second/third turn kill possibility rather than an FTK. First of all, It can't switch control by an effect other than its own. Second, You can't move deadly by its own effect the turn it is summoned. The best str
  8. Banned for alliteration (am I doing it right)
  9. The term owner in Yugioh refers to the person who put the card in the deck and is used for cards like this. The cards in your deck are yours you own them their is no card effect in Yugioh to trade ownership. The term controller is used for the person who has the card on their side of the field. If the card is not on the field no one controls it. One interesting problem, If exchange is used and an opponent summons a monster that is in both your decks you use owner's seal and nothing happens because you have been tricked into thinking a card your opponent owns was a card you owned.
  10. You can only control 1 "Deadly-Go-Around". Cannot be Tributed, used as material, have its effects negated, be destroyed, change control by other card effects"," or change Battle Position. For some reason the first part bothered me finally figured out why. Also, if you are moving it to a zone adjacent to the cards right then it would move 2 spaces right. I don't know how to fix even though i know what you are implying. OMG this card is amazing. You can even incorporate effects such as "When this card switches positions with deadly-go-around *insert effect here*
  11. I immediately thought 3 things when I saw this. 1. adamancipator I guess it wouldn't really be good with them, but even the art reminds me of researcher & analyzer. 2. Nordic relics for obvious reasons. 3. the interesting compatibility with action magic. This also makes me think of appraising as some sort of stunt which is sort of funny.
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