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  1. Is cardmaker.net losing activity? It seams kind of dead. Posts are far and few.
  2. I know this is a contest but I wanted to give some constructive feedback 1. I would recommend the traps be continuous with the effect "once per a turn when a fire monster is summoned" 2. I think it would be better if volcannon banished just to make it equal to fire slinger 3. This is how I would fix the XYZ: Type: pyro Rank: 3 4 level 3 FIRE monsters 2000/1500 At the start of each of your standby phases remove 2 XYZ material from this card or destroy it. While this card is faceup on the field, the effects of "volcannon" and "fire slinger" can be activat
  3. Yubel and Blue eyes would love this
  4. So shouldn't it be something like "If monsters you control would be destroyed by your opponents card effect, Banish one monster you control. Only one monster can be banished by this card at a time. If this card leaves the field, return the banished monster to the field and deal damage to your opponent equal to the original ATK of the banished monster."? Still not perfect, is it an improvement?
  5. It's interesting you gave the card a light attribute. I find the ATK awkward but appropriate. You found a cool picture for your card. I feel the card could be better worded but I don't know how to fix it. (9/10)
  6. Yes I think you're right, I'm fairly positive the deck building app I got the word from is fan made. Rayfield helped me with that also.
  7. in the app store there is an app called yugipedia. Which is an archive of yugioh cards with a search system, deckbuilding, and playtesting
  8. I love Isekai, particularly the stories that have a special twist (there was one where this man being trained to be a martial artist really wanted t be a gardener). I really want to see one focused on a really intelligent receptionist from another world!
  9. Am I going to be the only competition?
  10. The most interesting comment is calling these "abilities" I got my word from yugipedia the deck building app which I believe is an off brand source. Subtype includes flip, gemini, toon, tuner, union, spirit, and pendulum. All monsters that become these would gain only the typing in name and none of the effects; for example, spirit monsters wouldn't return t the hand. The only effect the gives is that gained from other cards tuner being the most OP.
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