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  1. Dungeon Dragon Level 12 DIVINE Dragon/Field/Effect 4500/4000 Field: Cannot be normal summoned set. Must be special summoned to the field spell zone (it is treated as a field spell) by banishing 11 cards from your GY (6 monsters including an extra deck monster and 5 spell traps). If this card is special summoned: set up to the top 6 cards (that can be set) from your GY. Unaffected by card effects while in the field zone. Once during each standby phase set the top card of your deck that can be set. If you control no monsters, move this card to an unoccupied main monster zone. Once per turn you can destroy all cards your opponent controls in this cards column and its adjacent columns, if you do, move this monster to the left or rightmost main monster zone. If this card leaves the field by an opponent's card effect; you win the duel.
  2. It's great to see a long time player. Can't wait to see more of your stuff! Your interest got me thinking... Maybe try an occult car archetype! You could use FA's level modulation to assist with ritual summoning it could combo with the drytron ritual by making them level 1 with 2000 ATK in hand or a little worse by making them level 3 since nobody uses the second effect of Fafnir. PM me sometime!
  3. Aqursaqua level 7 WATER Aqua/effect 1200/1800 Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Can only be special summoned from face up banished by banishing water monsters from the GY with total levels equal or greater then 15. You can discard this card; add 2 water monsters from your deck to your hand whose total levels equals 8. All WATER monsters you control gain 100 ATK for each banished water monster. If a monster would be banished from your GY you can banish this card from your GY instead. You can only use one effect or summon "Aqursaqua" once per turn. This glorious priestess of the sea overseas all those that dwell beneath the water. One day she met bears and decided they shall be favored by the sea. Despite her assistance and the raw power bears hold, Aqursaqua decided the only way to truly help her precious cubs was to join their cause. She brings speed to their devastating blows. Bonus: Fotiseamo - the seas Tune over Continuous spell Once per turn, If a WATER synchro monster leaves the field: You can target one water monster in your GY; special summon it, and if you do and it was a tuner, decrease its level by 1 (min 1) and it is no longer treated as a tuner, if it was not a tuner, increase it's level by one and it is now treated as a tuner.
  4. This is more fleshed out then when you first showed me and it's wonderful to see them all together!
  5. I've owned a gameboy, DS, DSI, 3DS, 2DS, and Wii U. Now I have a phone, tablet, and computer.
  6. I don't but my friends do and I have made several levels in mario maker and I'm decent at smash.
  7. @Zefra ZamazentaI get the similarities, but what do you want me to do? is there some wording in there that helps? Does it change how I should balance? Are you just making a comparison? I'm looking for context.
  8. This would have been an awesome card in my merge contest! Love it keep up the great work.
  9. Plebs Unite Spell You can SS up to 5 monsters from you hand with different types, level, attribute, ATK and DEF. Spells, Traps, and cards in the hand cannot be activated in response to this effect.
  10. Monsters that Attack and defend from the hand (can still be destroyed by battle when your opponent Attacks you can reveal to block with DEF) high level ones have a cost. They also can still be played normally and have good when destroyed by battle and when inflict damage effects. Gorilla Sample names (IMP 0 V, el reb, am bush, rad, rev, irre, dev hide) Hope you like the puns :P
  11. I'll make one to Riolu EARTH level 4 1600/1800 Warrior/Effect Cannot be normal summoned/set. Must first be special summoned from the hand by banishing three monsters with different attributes from your GY. If summoned by its own effect: you can send a "Lucario" from your Hand to the GY, if you do, draw one card. Once per turn, if a monster on the field activates it's effect (quick effect): you can have that monster battle this monster (remain in current phase). If this monster is destroyed by battle and sent to the GY: you an special summon one "Lucario" from your Hand, Deck, or GY. You can only activate each effect of "Riolu" once per turn. Lucario LIGHT level 8 Beast Warrior/Effect 2200/1200 Cannot be normal summoned/set. Must first be special summoned by the effect of "Riolu". You can discard this card; add one "Riolu" from your deck to your hand. When this card is summoned: place three aura counters on this card (each aura counter gives 300 ATK). if a monster on the field activates it's effect (quick effect): you can remove one aura counter from this card; have that monster battle this monster (remain in current phase). During the end of the turn: this card gains a aura counter for each monster it destroyed by battle.
  12. hey do a few of you want to do custom card battles sometime?

    1. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      What kind of battle? That being said YCM does member battle in contest actually if its the same thing as you planned



      Yeah I mean duel with custom cards. we're probably saying the same thing. When's the next time that's happening?

  13. I realized that isn't explained well I mean just my opinion is worth 10 points. I mean everything except PSCT is also my opinion, but this is just a catch all.
  14. @Nyx AvatarI posted this in the wrong section
  15. Cool, It has the feel of their similarities as Pokémon but there own uniqueness. 3 cards for each; a support trap, base form, and special form is a pleasing triple trinity! Insanely broken in practice, but cool concept.
  16. 6, 19, 23, 33 I really want to see but ideally all of them
  17. time wizard is a monster that can change lave into moths, age dragons, and disintegrate your foes. I have made Time Sorcerers whose power grows through the passage of time. Now my fellow card makers, show me the power of time. Grading /40 My Personal Preference /10 Matches Theme (just do something related to time) /7 Balance /7 PSCT /5 Originality /5 Art (optional your own art is awarded extra) /3 Allusion to me [or other cool references] (optional) /3 due 9/25/2021
  18. @Dokutah Jolly I think it's better being a garnet given the nature of the card giving it at least one downside. It has the hand effect to discard which makes up for the effect not working in the hand.
  19. Point Up-Down Quickplay spell Must be activated while you control no monsters in your Extra monster zone. You can target a Link monster your opponent controls; Special Summon it to an Extra Monster Zone under your control upside down (facing your opponent).
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