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  1. I've decided to do some retrains on some old Elemental HERO cards (and cards related to Elemental HERO's) Pet Wroughtweiler Level 3/EARTH Machine/Effect (This card is treated as a 'HERO' monster while on the field or the GY) If this card is sent to the GY, you can add 1 fusion spell card that mentions an 'Elemental HERO' monster on its card text and 1 HERO monster in your GY to your hand except 'Pet Wroughtweiler' If this card is used as a fusion material monster you can add 1 'Miracle fusion' from your deck to your hand. You can only activate the effect of 'Pet Wrought
  2. So these are a group of christmas themed cards. I didn't really mean for most of these cards to have synergy with each other (some do) but most of this is just random support for many decks, mostly Fairy. It is of course based around many christmas themes like candy canes, elf's, christmas lights etc Lucky Elf Level 4/LIGHT Fairy/Effect When this card is normal summoned, if you control no other monsters you can draw 1 card and reveal it, if its a level 5 or lower Fairy type monster you can special summon it. You can only activate the effect of 'Lucky Elf' once pe
  3. Interesting effect and design. One thing to note though is I don't think 'procedure' is a term in Yugioh. I think you should just say 'Must be Special Summoned either with a "Rank-Up-Magic" Spell Card targeting "Number 77: Seven Sins" or by its own effect'
  4. Thanks very much, when making this Claw man I was inspired by Logan's fights against people like the Hulk (so the luck effect reflects how Logan could potentially beat Hulk or someone as strong as him by cutting his head off for example or there's the chance he might get crushed. The special summoning from the GY is a thing which would make sense for Logan, but I didn't want to have two monsters that had special summoning effects in the same post. The chances of getting the negative luck effect is quite low to be fair and yeah I'm normally not a huge fan of luck based cards. The piercing damag
  5. Ah I see, thanks yeah I did intend it to be a quite simple card. Actually was thinking of Duel links when making this.
  6. Any idea on how to improve it? Also you forgot the 'inflict damage to your opponent equal to half that monsters ATK'
  7. It means once while its face up yeah. Similar to monsters like Elemental Hero Necroshade.
  8. Iron Head level 5/Earth Warrior/Synchro/Effect 1 Tuner + 1 or more non tuners One time only, if this card attacks a monster you can destroy that monster before damage calculation and if you do inflict damage equal to half its ATK. ATK/2200 DEF/1200 This card would be based on Bulldozer of the Wrecking Crew from Marvel comics.
  9. Energized Titan Level 8/DARK Fiend/Synchro/Effect 1 DARK tuner + 1 or more non tuner monsters When this card is Synchro summoned you can banish 1 of this cards Synchro material's to destroy up to 2 spell/trap cards on the field. When this card declares an attack, you can banish 1 of of this cards Synchro materials to have this card gain 1000 ATK until the end phase. If this card is in the graveyard and you control no monsters, you can banish 1 DARK tuner monster in your graveyard (except the turn this card was Synchro summoned) to special summon this card it gains 1000
  10. I personally still don't think its very broken even with that. It requires a lot of set up. Gravity bind, 3 equip cards and your opponent having a cleared board. Plus it has no protection too.
  11. Yeah it could be devastating in a Synchro based deck but nowadays there are lots of fusions, rituals, XYZ's and powerful main deck monsters. I feel if I put more restrictions on the card it wouldn't be that good and would be too balanced. It does need to be a Psychic Synchro too so I think that balances it out in my opinion.
  12. That's true but that requires a lot of set up and getting a direct attack isn't easy.
  13. Thanks very much, Mind Stealer has a hard once per turn so I thought it would balance it out.
  14. Lil Zombie dog Level 1/Dark Zombie/Tuner/Effect If this card declares a direct attack, inflict 2000 points of damage to your opponent after damage calculation. ATK/0 DEF/0 Half-man half-bot Level 3/Earth Warrior/Tuner/Effect This card is also treated as a machine type monster while its face up on the field. If this card is used for the Synchro summon of a warrior type monster that monster is unaffected by your opponents spell cards. If this card is used for the Synchro summon of a machine type monster you can special summon this card from t
  15. Thanks for the feedback, yeah it can be a bit broken. However, like you said, you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it out. I was originally going to have it be banish 1 'Neos', 'Neo Space', 'Neo Spacian' or 'Hero' monster to target 1 monster in the GY to gain that monsters effect, but I thought that would be too difficult and wouldn't be as good. Not to mention, there isn't really that many targets that would work for this card effect (other than Destiny HERO Plasma)
  16. Wouldn't it make more sense if Professor Hulk was a fusion of Bruce, Savage Hulk and Grey Hulk? because...he is in the comics? Why does Joe Fixit have more ATK points than Savage Hulk? his whole deal is that he's a weaker smarter Hulk. I'd say it would make more sense if Maestro would be summoned by tributing like Savage Hulk or be a ritual monster like World breaker Hulk. He is meant to be his own persona and isn't really a fusion of Banner and Savage Hulk. The deck has tons of search power with basically every card searching Bruce Banner and has massive attack points too, seems too much
  17. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll be sure to make some edits
  18. Two Coffin's Two Monsters Normal trap card If you control 1 or less monsters, you can activate this card from your hand. Target 1 Level 6 or lower monster in your GY and 1 level 6 or lower monster in your opponent's GY; Special Summon those targets in Attack Position. During the End Phase: Destroy both monsters and take damage equal to the combined Level of those monsters x400 (if those monsters are no longer on the field during the end phase, you still take damage) You can only use this effect of ''Two coffin's Two monsters'' once per turn. The artwork of this card would sho
  19. Oh thanks, I didn't see how old it was. I see. I had forgotten about Judgement Dragon. It's also good I guess to prevent you from decking out. Which is an issue for Lightsworns I guess.
  20. Super de-fusion being a Quick-Play Spell Card is good. Really the best type of spell there could be in the game. This card would really work best during the battle phase, since you after attacking, you could just summon a bunch of monsters to inflict a decent amount of damage. Especially with the ATK boost which is good. The recycle effect is decent and allows you to get back your fusion spell card into your hand, which is always nice. The hard once per turn effect of 'You can only use each effect of "Super De-Fusion" once per turn' isn't really that bad. You're more than likely going to be pa
  21. The summoning requirements for this card isn't generic, although its more than likely going to be run in WATER decks so getting it out shouldn't be an issue. Life point gaining is one of the more meh effects in the game, although having it is never a bad thing. 7 Colored Rainbow Fish's first effect is pretty decent, allowing you to summon a potentially pretty big beater or another monster that could be used to help swarm the field, Synchro summon, fusion summon etc the restriction about not being able to attack seems decently balanced considering you could potentially pull out a heavy attack p
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