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  1. holy crow the detail. Thanks for the feedback i will work on it, The name is long but i got the idea while reading so i decided to run with it. I guessed that some monsters ATK was too much and the effect for Artiya'il i couldn't figure out how to make it read right, but i'll figure something out, i had a hard time reaching the fine line between op af and bad, but i'll fix the cards you mentioned. I did not notice the loop with Camael, good eye, i'll fix it to be once per turn or specifically Camael. probably the latter. I'll add more HOPT to some cards. This was my first attempt at Link monsters so i expected some problems. The yugioh language mistakes were inevitable so I expected this, I'll spell check it and fix the wording problem, this will probably be the hardest part. I'll nerf Pahalia to only be spell/trap search. I made a mistake with revival and made it monster instead of card. small edit there. I was worried Samael would be too niche but i am glad it got a pass. I thought Moroni would be fine with battle removal but I will change it to 1 Next world spell/trap instead, hopefully that's enough, another way is I could banish the two other cards if you have multiple of the same. I figured Gates would be too strong but I wanted advise from the pro first. I forget HOPT a lot so I will make it HOPT and nerf the buff, prob to 300. Fe needs HOPT, forget it ever time. Dagan: i thought that since there is a lot of special summoning the deck could be easily negated, so i thought adding s/t removal would help that, i'll nerf the summoning thing. HOPT too. Charmeine is one of my favorites, I thought the effect was too good so I added the Link thing, i'll buff her to the 'archetype' name thing you suggested. Barachiel was meant to be the boss monster until i made Seraphim and Beelzebub so i forgot to edit him, i'll nerf him to 2200. HOPT all day every day, i'll remove the hand removal probably, I did not like it anyway. Angel kiss: good idea to make it quick play, I think I will make the of the destroy s/t to search for archetype specific s/t. Note: I made a few more cards i will add them here. Thanks for the detailed work, much appreciated. This is the first deck i have uploaded so I was not to sure what would work but you helped a lot thanks. I will give the updated cards to this message path in eh a few days. Thanks again.
  2. beta testing? all day every day I'm there I am there whenever just say the word.
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