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  1. thank you so much I have a fairly large collection so if its ok with you I might send a question or two your way lol like i said i dont really know much when it comes to yugioh
  2. Probably a better picture as the first one is slightly blurry.
  3. Hello my collection of yugioh cards are from when I was a child. I recently went through them to see if I had much of value and came across this first edition of a king dragun, but the strange thing is his title is DRAGON SUBHUMAN 3-HEADED DRAGON... I cant find anything about this as far as I can tell the card isn't fake and it really shouldn't be because I was never bought single cards nore have I ever purchased any. I was really hoping someone could help me find some information about this because i have hit a wall and don't know a lot about actually pricing the cards and what I should
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