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  1. "Reality cannot itself be one's only existence. Just as dreams must be tempered by reality, so too must reality be made resolute through one's dreams, aspirations, and imagination." - Veris M. Ilitude And what a way to engage in one's own creativity than a little role play? Yu-Gi-Oh Summoners will be a short length adventure role play where your character (a human) is selected in a revolutionary new experiment to go into a parallel world inhabited by duel monsters. On top of certain natural abilities (will be discussed in more detail). You have been given a device th
  2. Your wish, pitiable as it may be, is granted. However, "this Sunday" shall continually reflect the upcoming Sunday, thereby your sundae will never arrive. Now I provide my own wish, yes? I am feeling quite generous so my wish is simple. I wish for the next commenter's wish to not become corrupted.
  3. Ah, a site of hopes. Of dreams. Yet a site whose grip on its own lifeblood quivers. Still, hope is all you have left. Where dreams end, harsh reality takes its place. I am not ready to see that leap just yet. The in-between space, that moment between dreams and awakening, that is the domain of Veris. Your monsters of yesteryear have kept you in slumber. Daydreams. Nightmares. You make your mind as to which. Still, they kept you from me. But in the end I have arrived.
  4. Mm. A lone ember of a bygone masquerade. Poetic to be sure. You amuse me. Do you truly believe a mote, a speck of light such as yourself be enough to alight passion in a wasteland such as this? Else, why devote yourself to such folly?
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