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  1. Howdy Mr Melon, Thanks for the info - I was going to look for Yu-Gi-Oh! single-player rules! You just saved me some research. Yay forums! Peace, LuLu10
  2. Greetings, I'm LuLu. Found YCM while researching my inherited fake Yu-Gi-Oh! SKY DRAGON card in preparation for doing my card collection inventory. I inherited my nephew's collection (about 100 cards + Sky Dragon) when he lost interest as a teen. In 2018, I started learning the rules and expanding my collection after I found a local game shop with Yu-Gi-OH! players - although they 99% played Magic. Now I estimate that I'm over 500+ cards in sleeves in deck boxes bought from my local comics store. I'll count cards this winter 2020 during covid19 lockdown. Haven't found an
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