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  1. I roughly agree with what Mickey said, anyhow he mixed up some PSCT stuff, so I'm here to fix that. 1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters Once per turn: You can activate 1 of these effects. ● Banish 1 Normal Trap Card that meets its activation requirements from your field or GY; this effect becomes that card's effect when it is activated. ● Excavate cards from the top of your Deck until you excavate a Trap, then add that card to your hand, also shuffle the remaining cards into your Deck. So this would allow you to use cards like Reckless Greed the turn you set them by banishing them from your field for the cost of a - 1. I think regarding the amount of different cards you could use with this, you don't actually need the option to draw a card instead. The effect could be pretty helpful with outing cards like Dragoon by using IDP in your initial turn going 2nd and would actually be pretty rewarding if played in a GY reliant (milling) Deck as you could get strong Traps in your GY quickly and not even go negative to use the copying effect. It's definetely a fun concept but I would recommend adding a hard once per turn condition to the card to restrict unfair abuse. That would go like this: You can only use this effect of "Trap Master Dragon" once per turn. Best regards, Messoras
  2. Did someone else just watch Everest over there? :D The Whoop Snakes are on point lol. Tbh I think this card might actually be to strong, as it would be the only handtrap that can negate opponent's monster effects no matter what. Effect Veiler can only activate in the opponent's Main Phase, Imperm can only activate (from hand) if you control no cards, Gamma can only activate while you control no monsters... With this card in hand you could straight up play your standard combo against a Apollousa or even Dolkka. "Spell Speed 4" Fiendish Chain from hand seems a little broken without any form of cost or condition. Best regards, Messoras
  3. I gotta be honest. These seem pretty damn fine to me. I really like the concept you are going through with the Attributes. even though the boss monster(s) make(s) it relatively simple to fulfill the DARK and LIGHT conditions. For the PSCT, I don't see many mistakes. Just some small errors like non-capitalized "Level"s or "deck" in Greatwyrm's effect, where it should be "Deck". The coloring of the card names kinda confused me on first sight since I usually use them to visualize the card type, so don't wonder why I'm changing their colors in my comment. I assume the Scales for all the monsters will always be 0 or 5, except for the boss monsters which have some scale-manipulating effects. This makes me think that either the lower pendulum scale or the "You cannot Pendulum Summon, except Halcyon monsters" is superfluous. I'd probably change the lower pendulum scales to 3, but maybe you want to add more lower leveled monsters, so don't mind me in that case. Halcyon Lightwyrm seems to be a pretty standard Pendulum "starter" as in more casual Pendulum builds, that don't use the Endymion engine and setup links before Pendulum Summoning. Adding a second baby Halcyon for followup plays (or as Normal Summon to Tribute for a boss monster) should be quite useful, but not to strong. The protection effect is interesting, as the DARK ones seem to be the monsters with higher DEF and lower ATK stats and the bosses receive both protections anyways. On the other hand Halcyon Darkwyrm adds a boss Halcyon, which seems to be much more valuable for the deck, since you can then Special Summon it by Tributing just 2 of your Halcyons (and sending them to your Extra Deck). I think the battle protection targeting the lower DEF and higher ATK monsters is fine here, anyhow I'd say effect protection is far more useful than battle protection, so you would probably never activate this one in the scales if you don't have to and rather try to Special Summon it. Halcyon Greatwyrm, the boss monster of this subset definetely reminds of Zefraath, with its Scale copying effect. Anyway I think it is more useful when it's in the monster zone, as a Quick Effect banish basically without any significant cost is a big threat to the opponent. The Special Summon condition seems to be fine, as it doesn't kill your advantage, as the monsters go to the Extra Deck, but also affects the card balance. You need to specify from what location it can be Summoned from though - something along To use this card's full potential, you'd probably need a way to remove it from the Pendulum Scale (I'll adress that later). The Field Spell of the archetype, namely Halcyon Starchart actually seems to be the strongest card in this whole set. Completely taking away the biggest weakness of Pendulum monsters in Master Rule 4 & 5 in addition to a once per turn +1, which actually ends up being a +2 if you Pendulum Summon an added Darkwyrm, to get the dropped boss monster back and most likely a +3 as you 'd probably be able to Pendulum Summon another added baby Halcyon to get another search off. The restriction is probably the only thing that 'd keep this card off the banlist. It definetely makes this deck playable and could probably even push it beyond rogue and up into top tiers. Halcyon Duality is a good idea to generate something like a slight advantage for the deck (by replacing a card on the field and stacking the Extra Deck), but could probably be more useful, if it either added the card to the hand or allowed you to place it in the Pendulum Scale, as the baby Halcyons trigger their effects when they are Pendulum Summoned only. Here also comes in what I said earlier about Greatwyrm. How about This way you could use Greatwyrm's effect to stack your Extra Deck and then send it away to Special Summon it by its own effect later. Halcyon Eclipse is a pretty standard Counter Trap, as almost every deck has one. It negates monster effects only (which are of course the most important), atleast requires you to control 2 baby Halcyons or 1 boss Halcyon and also is not searchable so far, so I'd call it balanced but nothing special. All in all the archetype wields a really nice concept and should be quite fun to play, as it grinds not to bad due to the Field Spell making your whole Extra Deck live and boss monsters being easily searchable (and Special Summonable). It doesn't spam out 20 negates so even with up to 4 Quick Effect banishes (2 bosses) it shouldn't feel to itchy to play against. Good work KDironclaw! Greets, Messoras
  4. Hey there dear Mermail fan, I only played very few games on competitive Mermail/Abyss builds, but enjoyed the Structure Deck some years ago casually playing against my girlfriend. Just for my understanding: This card can pretty much give you a +3 on Summon by sending a Dragoons from Deck to draw 2. I do like what you tried to do here as in fixing the huge problem with this type of decks, being their consistency. Anyhow I think it might slightly miss the point to be honest, as it is a Link 4, which isn't to easy to summon at all. I think the impact this card has on the Abyss/Mermail deck would pretty much just be that your opponent instantly scoops once you resolve Abyssteus sending a Dragoons or the effect of Neptabyss. This card would pretty much just be another boss in addition to your Toadally Awesome, Abyssgaios with Scale, Halquifibrax and whatever the deck can bring out in addition (thanks to a +3). I'd actually consider this a win-more card, as the problem with Mermail/Abyss is not that they lack extenders or their endboard is to weak, but their lack of starters and I don't think that the deck has a ways to bring Neptabyss, the Atlantean King out without any starters. The discard replacement is a really good idea for the deck and like I said, the huge plussing would of course do alot and I even think it might be slightly overpowered, but I don't really think this card would help the deck where it needs help. Maybe with the recently released Pot of Disparity Mermails gained the consistency they needed and this card would become pretty damn overpowered (even though you could not draw after using Pot) - I don't know, it's hard to evaluate support cards for existing archetypes if they are not meta. I also think that the Summoning requirements are a little iffy with the self material restriction (maybe overthink that) and even though this card is basically a pumped up Prince, that artwork is... well, let's say those gloves and the weird-looking head don't really make me think it's anything different from the original Neptabyss (no offense). I'm still wondering when Neptabyss became a Link when I hover over that picture. Greets, Messoras PS: My Mermail knowledge might be slightly outdated, correct me if I'm talking nonsense.
  5. PSCT fix: Can't really evaluate the card apart from saying the PSCT was pretty poor since I don't know the full archetype though. As Jolly said, post all the archetype cards in one thread. Greets, Messoras
  6. Hello there guys, I'm sure you all know that moment when you open Driver and got to play with 4 cards once again. How about just Tribute Summoning your Driver over a Hieratic and overlay into this? Anyhow this is of course not intended to be Tier 1. It needs alot of setup in the form of Quick Effect Normal Monster revival and there isn't really any viable engine to make this. Anyhow I found the concept quite fun (tested it on Ignis) and thought about making something related to this. Righteous Silverclaw [ FIRE / BEAST / XYZ / EFFECT ] ATK 2350 / DEF 2350 2 Level 6 Normal Monsters Once per turn: You can detach 1 material from this card; this card gains 200 ATK and DEF for each of your Normal Monsters that is in the GY or banished. When you Special Summon a Normal Monster, you can switch this card's location with that card and attach it to this card as material. Negate any opponent's card effect that activates in this card's column, and if you do, destroy that card. The initial thought on this was creating a boss monster like The Fabled Unicore (yes I do love that card) that doesn't do much on itself, but can be quite sticky when supported with the correct cards. I used Hieratics with Labradorite- and Wattaildragon, aswell as Birthright, Silver's Cry and Shade Brigandine to play it. I also made this Link Monster to support it while testing, but I figured that one 'd probably be to generically strong, so I 'll probably delete it. Also, here is the Extension file for Project Ignis if you want to try them out (Just copy the zip into your Ignis/expansions folder): silverclaw.zip Greets, Messoras
  7. Well... This thing is... something different. Counting effects: 1. Cannot be targeted 2. Cannot be destroyed by effects 3. Cannot be destroyed by battle (once per turn) 4. Def Position sickness 5. Converting Damage 6. Permanent Barrel Behind The Door 7. Redirect attack The amount of effects for a Normal Summonable card is just beyond any proportion. Remember the times when decks used like 10 cards to get a boss monster that had some kind of protection and blocked your opponent from dealing any damage to you? This card is basically a free win if you draw it. On a first look it seems even worse than Mystic Mine. Your opponent can play, but nothing they can do will ever win them the duel, as there's literally no out to this card and also this card will win the game for you by dealing damage. The only thing anywhere near meta to beat this would be Droplet, UCT or Borreload Dragon. Add 1 or 2 interruptions to this (like a trap or a herald) and there's nothing to stop it. I guess there are about 5 non-targeting attack position changers in the game, but apart from UCT, which changes the cards to face-down (so it doesn't trigger the self destruction), I'm pretty sure there's nothing that would ever trigger the Defense Position sickness, which is being played. Even if this card were a single without any archetype relation, it'd change the entire meta completely as people would have to side (or even maindeck) cards to out it, like they did against Mystic Mine (which is much easier to out), but since I've seen you post some more "Dodgeful" cards with similar effects, I guess you 're planning to make an entire archetype out of this. Imagine having 15 Dodgeful Counter Striker -ish monsters in your Main Deck, paired with 25 (hand-) traps to deal with anything that could potentially out it. There is no counter play at all. Anyone facing this would have to spend atleast 3 or 4 cards to out it, and if you just Solemn their Tri-Brigade Shuraig The Ominous Omen, they'll have no choice but to scoop it up with near no cards left in their possession, knowing that you can just Normal Summon another one of these beasts in your next turn. I don't want to say that I completely dislike the concept of this, but it can't be all in one card. There have been fun builds using cards like Amazoness Swords Woman, Amazoness Heriloom and stuff like Link Bumper, or even weird Number 14 combos but those are combos that require some legit setup instead of just Normal Summoning a creepy Dragoon-Number 14-Astral Barrier-Swords Woman-Gravekeeper's Vassal, which can then be supported with a bunch of traps and shit. My advice would be to split this card up into atleast 3 different ones, so you leave some kind of counterplay and take away that overwhelming consistency of just Normal Summoning any archetype monster to win. Probably try to stick with 2 or 3 effects per card (or even less if the effects are strong) and don't ever give your cards omni protection like Dragoon has (or even better with additional Battle Protection lol). I know it's hard to split your necessary effects up and figure out a way to bring those cards on the field without creating a stupid spam archetype, once you have an idea of how your endboard should function, but I mean that's pretty much what Custom Cards are about, isn't it? Greets, Messoras
  8. @Rayfield Lumina I initially thought about a wording like "an effect is activated, that would destroy this card" and I was obviously somehow braindead, as I chose to use the Ash Blossom / Solemn Warning version instead, which would basically allow the effect to negate anything that could destroy a monster(s) on the field... I think it's hard to work out a condition this specific. On a second thought I guess it should be something along these lines: With this you could still not negate things like Dark Hole or Dragoon, as they don't target and you cannot check what cards they destroy before the chain resolves, so I think a continuous effect (or just the death immunity a la Dingirsu) would be best here. I really don't see any way to negate the activation of a card in such a specific situation as Quick Effect. I think you could use something like this: This would not activate or start a chain, but just continuously negate any effect (not activation tho) that aims to destroy this card on resolution (kind of like The Fabled Unicore). Further this would include a fun interaction, where you could chain a Rank-Up spell to your opponent's Torrential Tribute, summoning this card in as Chain Link 2, and then use this card's continuous effect to negate that Torrential. Just wanted to make sure, you guys understand why neither the initial PSCT nor my first attempt on this effect were anywhere near correct, since you cannot clarify which cards are going to be destroyed on activation of cards like Dark Hole or Blade Dragoon. Greets, Messoras
  9. Hey there, To be honest, I never had much to do with Number C cards, as everything I ever made with Rank-Up Spells was Cyber Dragon Infinity and Kali Yuga, but I remember some fun combos using Rebarian Shark and Saryuja to search Rank-Up Spells (for Utopic Zexal). First of all here's a little PSCT fix: Mind that the negation effect is mandatory like this. You need to add a "You can" if you want the negation to be optional. I think you got the basic idea of Number C monsters well here, as the card basically does what Number 27 does, but better. Anyhow I don't really understand the way you aimed this to function. You would usually make this with a Rank-Up Spell using a 2 material Number 27. So that would give Number C27: Ironclad Chaos Dreadnoid 3 materials, which mean it could either negate something once and then use the SS from Extra effect, or negate something twice or just use the second effect and be useless afterwards. So if your opponent Special Summons from the ED and you chain this, your opponent would be able to chain something to destroy this card and you wouldn't be able to resolve the effect since there are no materials to transfer. Regarding that the first effect uses 2 materials and adds 1 afterwards, I ask myself why you didn't just copy Number 27's (basically Dingirsu's) effect to detach 1 card instead of being destroyed. This would still allow you to use the effect with 1 material remaining (which should be the case pretty often) and protect yourself against your opponent's ED monsters that can get rid of this with an effect on Summon or as response to your activation with a Quick Effect. Also I'd probably consider using itself as material for the monster it summons from the ED. It is a Numer C card... I don't think it's supposed to be summoned without rankup cards... I like the basic idea of this (since I also like Number 27 :D) and think it could make up for some interesting games, but I don't think that trains need this as they are able to pam Level 10 monsters pretty easily. Greets, Messoras Edit: Corrected the negation effect to something that works
  10. Hey there, first of all your artwork is really good. I think it meets the style of the newer Hero cards pretty nicely. For a monster that only needs 2 random Hero monsters, I think it's pretty strong, basically giving you a +2 with its effect by popping one of your opponent's cards and searching basically anything you could need. I think pretty much any Hero based deck could and should play this as a mid-combo extender to generate card advantage. I'm a little bit confused about the stats though. The written text says 2500/2000 but the pic 2100/1200. I think the smaller one is perfectly fine, as the card gains 500 ATK anyway, so it will realistically be at 2600 when summoned. I don't really see how this is a Flame Wingman retrain to be honest, as it lists different Fusion Materials and doesn't do anything similar to Wingman. I think you could make this alot more old-school Hero related if you just changed the Fusion Materials and all the Hero effect targets to Elemental Heroes. This 'd also pretty much fix the free card advantage issue, this card creates with modern hero decks. Overall Elemental HERO Nova Wingman seems to be a cool Hero mid-boss monster (kinda like Salamangreat Miragestallio was for Salami) and I think Elemental Heroes 'd love this. Greets, Messoras
  11. I think the PSCT should be something like this: I mean in comparison to existing cards, this seems pretty damn strong. I know powercreep is a thing, but let's look at comparable cards: - Cyberload Fusion: Uses your Cyber Dragons that are on the field or banished, BUT: can only SS a Cyber Dragon monster, all other monsters you control cannot attack that turn and is hard once per turn. - Parallel World Fusion: Uses HERO monsters that are banished as Fusion Material, BUT: can only SS an E-Hero and you cannot SS any other monsters that turn. - Thunder Dragon Fusion: Uses any of your cards in the GY, on the field, or banished cards as Fusion Material, BUT: can only SS a Thunder Dragon (basically only Titan) andis hard once per turn. In comparison to these, Exiled & Expelled Polymerzation does not have a huge BUT, but instead a huge PLUS: Amazing protection for the Fusion Monster. I'm not saying the card is broken, but it definetely makes alot of other fusion cards useless, as it can easily be searched off Predaplant Verte Anaconda and other "Polymerization or Fusion" Spell search cards. I'm sure it could become a staple in a bunch of Fusion Decks as Hero, Metalfoes, Fluffal, Invoked & Shaddoll (maybe). In my opinion it needs some kind of drawback or atleast a hard once per turn. Greets, Messoras
  12. Soo... ~ Abhyss intensifies ~ I think it's difficult to reply to only this card alone. I guess we have all seen the previews for that new Reptile archetype. Even tho they give your opponent alot of advantage when using their relevant effects, once they have decent Extra Deck support (in the form of good Reptile Links), Snake Rain will probably meet the banhammer and the deck will be dead already one format after going full power. Anyway the Deck loses hard to Ash Blossom, Ghost Belle and Skull Meister. Reptile Reborn would definetely help getting King, Queen and Ogdoabyss on the field, as it's basically 2 bodies to Tribute, like a faster version of Invasion, but I don't know why you didn't include "Abhyss" in the name so it becomes searchable. Regarding the restriction that this card shares with all the relevant Abhyss effects (locking you into Reptiles), I'd call this fairly balanced and quite good, but not really earth-shattering. Greets, Messoras
  13. Honestly, these card artworks are sick. Impressive work my guy. I think this wording should do best for the Magician: I still think that Fragile Eye's VFD effect is pretty broken and no card should prevent your opponent from playing spells AND monsters. In this context I will also answer your question. I'd call a game interactive, if both player's get to play and the gamestate goes back and forth. I also meant to apply that term to the playstyle of the cards. I like to cite Traptrix Rafflesia as a good example for interactive (and innovative) boss monsters. Many custom boss monsters pretty much all look the same, like "Cannot be targeted by card effects. Once per turn, when your opponent activates whatever: You can negate the activation and destroy it. Once per turn: You can do something archetype related" Traptrix Rafflesia actually interrupts the opponent by using other archetypal cards, namely normal Hole Trap Cards. One of the things I usually aim for when making custom cards is making them as little generic as possible, while still trying to give them some versatility. Decks that can be played in many different ways are usually much more fun than just the standard Virtual World spam into VFD stuff. For your archetype the playstyle would pretty much be: Try spamming out 2 Fragile Eyes to use the effect and disable 80% (Monster Cards) of all the viable cards currently in the game, then, if possible, try setting up 2 face-up Fragile Eyes to disable the remaining 20% (Spell Cards). You will have to use non-archetypal cards to set this up and that will probably not leave much space for other ways to play the deck. To make it more interactive. I'd probably create some other condition that has to be met, to prevent the opponent from playing and add some cards to fulfil that condition, aswell as interact with each other. Look at The Fabled Unicore for example, which continuously negates and destroys cards but only if you have the same amount of cards in the hand as your opponent. "Your opponent cannot activate ..." is always a little hard to balance, but if you change that to something like destroying or negating, you could probably go with something column related, like for Fragile Eye for example (Mekk-Knights intensify...), and maybe create a Trap that can change the zone of your Fusion Monster and be recovered with the Eye cards or give the Eye Cards an effect that allows them to swap locations with your other monsters. Just an idea to make it a little more interactive. Greets, Messoras
  14. Hey there, welcome in the Realistic Cards Section :D First of all I'd like to say that I usually like to have some background information on the archeype I am reviewing, so when you post a balanced (finished) archetype, maybe consider writing a small introduction to the theme or presentation of the concept. If you don't feel like writing alot, something along these lines should usually do it: The Sick/Fragile Eye Archetype is composed of fiend monsters that prevent your opponent from activating effects. They are a homage to the mythological figure of the blind magician, who is represented by the Fusion Monster which rounds off the small engine with a nice Contact Fusion. Now to the actual concept. I'm personally a huge fan of smaller archetypes/engines in customs as they are easier to balance and can be mixed up with meta for better consistency. I don't think that the concept of preventing your opponent from activating any cards is very interactive though. Combined Eye is an interesting variation of Dark Law-ish effects, as it allows you to punish your opponent really hard for searching, while also giving them the opportunity to return the favor. Since it also Special Summons a monster, it's basically a +0 in card advantage, which I think is balanced if you look at it separately. The card text is a little weird (and wrong) to be honest. Taking a look at Dark Law here, it states: So to match this with a "when"-Trigger for Traps and your effect, it should be: Note that a dot usually separates effects, so to resolve the coin toss in sequence, the junction should be a "also, after that". This will prevent optional "when" triggers, that activate when a card is banished from activating. If you want the first and second part of the effect resolve simultaneously, just use "also" as junction. Also I've never seen "Deck or hand" anywhere before. Even though it's technically not wrong, it is customary to call the hand first. Sick Eye kind of reminds me of Altergeists, as it's pretty easy to bring up, since it is Level 1 (not Rank 1!) and searchable by One For One, Where Arf Thou and similar cards, and a pretty beasty interruption. Anyhow regarding that it has super weak stats, requires 2 copies on the field to be effective and its destruction effect is an ignition effect, I'd rather call it underpowered. For the PSCT here, firstly remind, that words are capitalized after colons. Furthermore modern cards no longer use the term "Graveyard" but just its abbreviation "GY". Also the condition for the obstructive effects might seem gramatically correct, but on a second thought it seems like a trigger, and since continuous effects cannot be triggered, you should use this wording: I also made the Tributing part a proper cost (using a semicolon), since effects don't usually Tribute cards and I assumed you intended it to be a cost. Pretty much all of the above PSCT complaints also apply to Fragile Eye. This one seems to be alot stronger to be honest. If you actually manage to put two of these on the board (and protect them with a Linkuriboh or something), which seems accessible in a Level 1 Spam Deck, and also get the monster negate effect on, this basically means a turn skip for your opponent, except if they play a very trap-heavy Deck. I mean VFD alone is huge in the current meta, but this is also a built-in Secret Village. Change the VFD-ish effect to something going second related, just like Sick Eye's destruction effect, and this is perfecty balanced. Blind Magician is a little bit weird to me, as it doesn't really follow a clear concept. Maybe you just messed the wording up a little bit, but it seems like this does the same as Fragile Eye, but worse. It states "you can negate all monster effects activated on your opponent's field", which leaves a bit space for interpretation. I'd understand this as "negate all monster effects activated on your opponent's field until the End Phase", which does save you from further interruptions, but I think your opponent would have already used his interruptions at the point you are summoning this card. Also since it's not a Quick Effect, this would not prevent your opponent from doing anything during his own turn, except if it was meant to be "until your opponent's next End Phase", as which it would again be a pretty broken effect, which calls for the banhammer (I'm looking at you VFD). To be honest I'd have expected something like: With something like that, the archetype should feel much less clunky when playing and also maybe stand a solid chance against the current meta. By the way here's your correct Contact Fusion PSCT: I don't know if you also intended this card to be summonable with Polymerization, but this "Must first..." surpasses the summon limitation of Extra Deck monsters, so you could also revive it with cards like Monster Reborn after using the contact fusion condition. All in all the archetype provides an interesting theme, but I don't really think that playing with or against it would create a pleasant (interactive) game. Greets, Messoras
  15. I gotta be honest with you. This seems heavily like a random standard over-the-top custom card. It pretty much has it all - a Link rating that's over the top, 4000 ATK, a negate, "Spell Speed 4", all that seems to be missing is protection... but wait it can Special Summon a Link monster from GY, so by using Knightmare Cerberus for Link Climbing, or just I:P for it, the card can also be indestructable. Accesscode Talker was easily enough for ultra effective link boss monsters for my taste. I don't know much about Ignister tbh, but I'm pretty sure they are fine with The Arrival and Accesscode. I do like that type of negate tho, since you can negate the opponent's effect as any chain link and you don't need to chain this directly to it. Anyhow I don't think it really matters, since your opponent cannot chain to this card's effects anyway. For the PSCT you only got two small errors I think. First would be "until the End Phase this turn" which should be "until the End Phase of this turn" like on older cards or simply "until the End Phase" as on any newer card. Second is the "that cards ATK and DEF become 0" where you missed an apostrophe, but I'd probably just change it to "its ATK and DEF become 0". Greets, Messoras
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