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  1. I gotta be honest. These seem pretty damn fine to me. I really like the concept you are going through with the Attributes. even though the boss monster(s) make(s) it relatively simple to fulfill the DARK and LIGHT conditions. For the PSCT, I don't see many mistakes. Just some small errors like non-capitalized "Level"s or "deck" in Greatwyrm's effect, where it should be "Deck". The coloring of the card names kinda confused me on first sight since I usually use them to visualize the card type, so don't wonder why I'm changing their colors in my comment. I assume the Scales for all the monsters w
  2. Hey there dear Mermail fan, I only played very few games on competitive Mermail/Abyss builds, but enjoyed the Structure Deck some years ago casually playing against my girlfriend. Just for my understanding: This card can pretty much give you a +3 on Summon by sending a Dragoons from Deck to draw 2. I do like what you tried to do here as in fixing the huge problem with this type of decks, being their consistency. Anyhow I think it might slightly miss the point to be honest, as it is a Link 4, which isn't to easy to summon at all. I think the impact this card has on the Abyss/Mermail d
  3. PSCT fix: Can't really evaluate the card apart from saying the PSCT was pretty poor since I don't know the full archetype though. As Jolly said, post all the archetype cards in one thread. Greets, Messoras
  4. Hello there guys, I'm sure you all know that moment when you open Driver and got to play with 4 cards once again. How about just Tribute Summoning your Driver over a Hieratic and overlay into this? Anyhow this is of course not intended to be Tier 1. It needs alot of setup in the form of Quick Effect Normal Monster revival and there isn't really any viable engine to make this. Anyhow I found the concept quite fun (tested it on Ignis) and thought about making something related to this. Righteous Silverclaw [ FIRE / BEAST / XYZ / EFFECT ] ATK 2350 / DEF 2350 2 Level 6 Normal
  5. Well... This thing is... something different. Counting effects: 1. Cannot be targeted 2. Cannot be destroyed by effects 3. Cannot be destroyed by battle (once per turn) 4. Def Position sickness 5. Converting Damage 6. Permanent Barrel Behind The Door 7. Redirect attack The amount of effects for a Normal Summonable card is just beyond any proportion. Remember the times when decks used like 10 cards to get a boss monster that had some kind of protection and blocked your opponent from dealing any damage to you? This card is basically a free win if you draw it. On a first l
  6. @Rayfield Lumina I initially thought about a wording like "an effect is activated, that would destroy this card" and I was obviously somehow braindead, as I chose to use the Ash Blossom / Solemn Warning version instead, which would basically allow the effect to negate anything that could destroy a monster(s) on the field... I think it's hard to work out a condition this specific. On a second thought I guess it should be something along these lines: With this you could still not negate things like Dark Hole or Dragoon, as they don't target and you cannot check what cards they destroy be
  7. Hey there, To be honest, I never had much to do with Number C cards, as everything I ever made with Rank-Up Spells was Cyber Dragon Infinity and Kali Yuga, but I remember some fun combos using Rebarian Shark and Saryuja to search Rank-Up Spells (for Utopic Zexal). First of all here's a little PSCT fix: Mind that the negation effect is mandatory like this. You need to add a "You can" if you want the negation to be optional. I think you got the basic idea of Number C monsters well here, as the card basically does what Number 27 does, but better. Anyhow I don't really under
  8. Hey there, first of all your artwork is really good. I think it meets the style of the newer Hero cards pretty nicely. For a monster that only needs 2 random Hero monsters, I think it's pretty strong, basically giving you a +2 with its effect by popping one of your opponent's cards and searching basically anything you could need. I think pretty much any Hero based deck could and should play this as a mid-combo extender to generate card advantage. I'm a little bit confused about the stats though. The written text says 2500/2000 but the pic 2100/1200. I think the smaller one is perfectly fi
  9. I think the PSCT should be something like this: I mean in comparison to existing cards, this seems pretty damn strong. I know powercreep is a thing, but let's look at comparable cards: - Cyberload Fusion: Uses your Cyber Dragons that are on the field or banished, BUT: can only SS a Cyber Dragon monster, all other monsters you control cannot attack that turn and is hard once per turn. - Parallel World Fusion: Uses HERO monsters that are banished as Fusion Material, BUT: can only SS an E-Hero and you cannot SS any other monsters that turn. - Thunder Dragon Fusion: Uses any
  10. Soo... ~ Abhyss intensifies ~ I think it's difficult to reply to only this card alone. I guess we have all seen the previews for that new Reptile archetype. Even tho they give your opponent alot of advantage when using their relevant effects, once they have decent Extra Deck support (in the form of good Reptile Links), Snake Rain will probably meet the banhammer and the deck will be dead already one format after going full power. Anyway the Deck loses hard to Ash Blossom, Ghost Belle and Skull Meister. Reptile Reborn would definetely help getting King, Queen and Ogdoabyss on the fiel
  11. Honestly, these card artworks are sick. Impressive work my guy. I think this wording should do best for the Magician: I still think that Fragile Eye's VFD effect is pretty broken and no card should prevent your opponent from playing spells AND monsters. In this context I will also answer your question. I'd call a game interactive, if both player's get to play and the gamestate goes back and forth. I also meant to apply that term to the playstyle of the cards. I like to cite Traptrix Rafflesia as a good example for interactive (and innovative) boss monsters. Many custom boss monste
  12. Hey there, welcome in the Realistic Cards Section :D First of all I'd like to say that I usually like to have some background information on the archeype I am reviewing, so when you post a balanced (finished) archetype, maybe consider writing a small introduction to the theme or presentation of the concept. If you don't feel like writing alot, something along these lines should usually do it: The Sick/Fragile Eye Archetype is composed of fiend monsters that prevent your opponent from activating effects. They are a homage to the mythological figure of the blind magician, who is repres
  13. I gotta be honest with you. This seems heavily like a random standard over-the-top custom card. It pretty much has it all - a Link rating that's over the top, 4000 ATK, a negate, "Spell Speed 4", all that seems to be missing is protection... but wait it can Special Summon a Link monster from GY, so by using Knightmare Cerberus for Link Climbing, or just I:P for it, the card can also be indestructable. Accesscode Talker was easily enough for ultra effective link boss monsters for my taste. I don't know much about Ignister tbh, but I'm pretty sure they are fine with The Arrival and Accesscode. I
  14. Hmm I see what you're trying to do here with pushing Dark World Grimoire, which, to be honest, is an absolutely useless card rn, but in my opinion this Counter Trap is way to weak to do so. The PSCT seems perfect to me. Being able to activate from the hand would usually be super useful during turn 1, while going second, but since you need to control a specific card to do so, this condition doesn't really improve the card at all (I mean you could just set this instead of playing Grim and need less ressources), apart from saving you from some handtraps while you have everything set up. The sec
  15. Ofc you could chain your effect. So then what happens is this: -> CL1: Anaconda pays 2000 LP and sends Red-Eyes Fusion from Deck to GY as cost. -> CL2: Kithira Spellthief discards a card and targets Red-Eyes Fusion in opponent's GY. -> Resolve L2: You banish Red-Eyes Fusion, send Dark Magician and Red-Eyes B. Dragon to your GY and summon your own Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon (all simultaneously by rule). -> Resolve L1: Your opponent sends Dark Magician and Red-Eyes B. Dragon to his GY and summons his Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon (simultaneously) After that the game state is ope
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