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  1. I love mine but can you give me a bit of a better effect if possible pls and thank you?! Oh and Zefra did u draw that gengar? And can I take a screenshot so I can make it my Home Screen for my phone? Wanted to ask for permission before just taking upon myself to do so!
  2. All the cards are fake as they said as well. A way I use for my first edition cards to tell if their fake or not is if they say 1st edition and have a gold stamp it’s real but if it says 1st edition and has a silver stamp it’s fake
  3. 1 “Blue-Eyes” monster + 1+ Spellcaster monsters If you used a “Blue Eyes White Dragon” to fusion summon this card then you can search your deck for a “Blue Eyes” monster special summon it onto the field in defense position. Once per turn you can use an effect that equals the amount of spellcaster monsters you used to summon this card. - 1+ once per turn you can target a field spell on the field destroy it. -2+ once per turn both players can shuffle their hand into the deck then draw 5 new ones.
  4. Hello everyone I’m making new blue eyes support if you could please review the cards I put here it would be much appreciated!
  5. Let me know when u finish and I’ll look at them to see if there should be anymore changes
  6. Well I think it gives of a casino vibe some of the cards have balanced effects while others area little Over powered like for the ones with pendulum effects if u could weaken the monster/pendulum effect which ever one works then it wouldn’t be as broken as it is now etc.
  7. This is well balanced just one thing I would add is a xyz monster or two maybe some fusions but that’s just my opinion but I would love an xyz one
  8. Hey everyone sorry I’ve been gone for so long I’ve been busy with school and trying to fix up some cards for a archetype I was working on but I think I should just start from scratch and make a new archetype... any thoughts?

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      I was worried you got the c word

    2. MadaraUchiha1


      No I did not get COVID 

  9. Ok just gimme a week or 2 and I can fix all that and edit my post now good night
  10. I think it a well balanced competitive archetype nice work I like all the cards they aren’t to underpowered or overpowered
  11. @Rayfield Lumina pls look over my cards
  12. Will do I’m in the middle of making my own archetype as well if you wanna review it look for the revelation archetype and let me know what cards to fix on there pls and thank you it is greatly appreciated @Rayfield Lumina
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