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  1. Little story about how I got into yugioh part 1 (true story)

    i was in the 5th grade and I moved to Omaha Nebraska and I went to school and I met a kid named Brighton and we became friends and we were talking and all that and he brought up yugioh and I happened to have a deck that was thrown together with cards I accumulated throughout 4th grade. So we went to lunch and he introduced me to another kid named Shawn so me and him dueled this Shawn kid on a 2 v 1 and we lost badly and he was a 5th grader as well after the duel we talked about why he was so good and he said when he was in 4th drape he went to a local tournament and got 3rd and so I made a pledge that I will never stop playing yugioh until I became the king of games and beat him in a duel and to this day I haven’t seen him since 6th grade but me and this Brighton kid are still friends to this day and so ya that’s part one of this true story. Ask a question and you shall get the answer.

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    2. MadaraUchiha1


      Yes I have and I’ve been trying really hard and I have gotten 1st place in two different local tournaments since then while waiting to see him again and give him a taste of his own medicine 

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      lol, now now, it's not a matter of get revenge, but having someone you look up and aspiring to surpass that person is interesting. Kinda sounds like a shonen anime xD

    4. MadaraUchiha1


      Lol well I guess if my life sounds like a anime/manga then I guess I’m well known to Japanese culture and people are interested in my life

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