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  1. If these two songs arent blasted up in your house on Halloween night then dont talk to me
  2. The Fall of Troy will always remain as a great band to me. Though you should totes look into Johnny Truant, one of the first of the British Metalcore bands and theyre amazing, influential, and didnt get the credit they deserved.
  3. I actually listened to the compilation album of the Embodyment demos early today and found it to be boring tbh. Ive never listened to anything pre-Reborn with Living Sacrifice. I forgot how great Johnny Truant were. Would love to see them come back together.
  4. Funny I was just randomly thinking about Embodyment recently. Their debut hits hard, second album was softer but not bad. Some of the other early Solid State Records bands
  5. Oh hey our overlord finally posted again in this dying circle jerk of a thread. Ill give the new At the Gates a try when im in the mood. Going away from Myspacecore to bring you some Proto-Myspacecore And on underrated Screamo
  6. Ive talked about Will Haven quite a few times before. One of my favorite Metalcore bands Carpe Diem is top tier and Voir Dire is easily one of the darkest Metalcore albums ive ever listened to, they got new stuff coming out this year, underrated as funk band. I liked that Bled Across Miles track, kinda reminds me of The Bled, Heavy Heavy Low Low, and Mortal Treason. On the topic of myspace Post-MathDeathGrindcore
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