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  1. Battlewasp / ballpark crossover. Battlewasp - Pavise the Unyielding. (Wind) Level 4 art: wasp with no stinger, instead it’s wings are large sheets of metal that interlock with it’s rear to make a huge shield. [Insect/normal/tuner] “This proud defender of the hive is often found protecting her more heavy-hitting comrades with her steel-strong armour whenever the nest is under siege. “ Atk: 0 / Def:2300 * * * Battlewasp - Striker the fastball. (Wind) Level 3 Art: a small, round boy. Like a yellow gokipole, but more confident [insect/norm
  2. You recognized that anything less than absolutely busted would do nothing to help arcana force, and I respect that.
  3. Otherwise really good, but watch yourself with that fusion substitute effect. Contact fusion isn't a fusion summon, so cosmonaut would only work with things like rainbow neos, brave neos, or knight neos. Slight nitpick, but you also misspelled righteous. Finally, I want to say I'm really impressed with a lot of the cards you've made. You're genuinely really good at this whole card design thing.
  4. Great cards, but be mindful of the synchro math. Varja's level is a bit awkward, even with the other cards. Maybe make brahma a lv3 and kunai lv2? Gea Buide is maybe a little too strong to be lower level than ballista, but I don't know how much the fact that it needs synchros as materials influences how easy it is to summon. Final note, why does a card named swarm have nothing to do with swarming?
  5. I was going to say this sounds kinda broken, but you’d still need to play genius since shadow and the vines need normal monsters. So, this is pretty good.
  6. The sole fact that it becomes earth attribute means that, alongside follow plant staple rose girl, meliae of the trees (An otherwise great plant rank 3 that requires earth materials) can actually be summoned consistently without having to resort to crane crane. In addition, that point boost and protection turns said meliae into a somewhat formidable beat stick. Great card, well done.
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