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  1. cool I want to try online dating too. I like to chat with girls here https://vibragame.org/en/livejasmine/ . I can chat on any topic with strangers on the other side of the country, share experiences with girls and show everything. The best part, it has an element of surprise 'coz I never know in advance who you will be chatting with me . Awesome webcam game.
  2. I like this one right now Polo G - RAPSTAR
  3. I tried and I like it. I often chat with girls at night on https://vibragame.net/en/ . It's a perfect place for single people for adult chatting. I met my girl online and I think it's the easiest way to find someone with similar interests. There are many cool girls on every taste. Good luck!
  4. The Ring is one of my favorite horror movie
  6. One of my favorite games on PS5 are Sackboy - Wow, this game is a blast! Astro's - And it's free. Kudos to Sony as it's fantastic! I use VeePN while playing to protect my data and bypass all restrictions. I think it's a must have tool for any gamer.
  7. I like this one right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83xBPCw5hh4
  8. I haven't watch it yet, tnx for reviews.
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