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  1. You should become a Beta Tester
  2. white haired dragon girl had the most balanced effect out of them all
  3. @Mr Melon Thanks for Telling me card you Please You at my Thread I'm really Lonley right Now
  4. @MadaraUchiha1 Hey are yoy goona make cards in the New Beta Yu-gi-oh Cardmaker and its noon you said you would accoounce the winners at this Time
  5. @Nobody Really Can You Please Review/Crictic/Rate The Bolt Bot Achetype Today Please Please Give Your New Review on them
  6. @Ryusei the Morning Star I added A whole bunch Monsters @Mr. Best Male 2008 Can You Please look and Tell me if these cards are Good or not Please Repily back to me as soon as you see this message.
  7. @Ryusei the Morning Star Thank for your replie always welocome peolpe to give their opion on the cards Critc/rewiewrar also don't forgat to vote on witch Loin Xyz monsters is the Best Happy Rewiewing
  8. I Love Pokemon So Much That Take Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon and turn all the Pokemon Give them Human Froms as ther weak froms then their Pokemon from aree there ture forme and give the some more froms
  9. He is an Asshole ↑ This guy This Guy No Not This Guy... I can't stand his stupid card effects greate design for art but not effects bounig I hate that effect F*ck You Firewall Dragon This The Music I think in My F*UCKING Head when I battle that F*UCKING ASSHOLE FIREWALL DRAGON THIS IS HIS THEME SONG HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY Man This guy is really an Asshole when he keeps bouning your Grinder Golem back to your hand so You can keep on making those worthless tokens that are only useful for Link Monsters Firewall Dragon he is such a F*ucking asshole so this will be his F*ucking Song I hope You Gu
  10. @Ryusei the Morning Star @Mr. Best Male 2008 Can You Guys Please look and Tell me if these cards are Good or not Please Repily back to me as soon as you see this message.
  11. @Dragulas Yes You can stiil enter but make it Quick
  12. So Are You Gonna Crete and add There Fusion In This post Slince Scred Beast Have on Not FAIR!!! KONMAI
  13. Its A Godly Card But Really Decent I Think They Need An Xzy or Even A Fusion Monster in There Ache Just Like The Scared Beast Cards Having a Fusion Give Ra Slith and Oblisk a Fusion Of The Tree Gods Together Just Like "Uria, Lord of Searing Flames" + "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder" + "Raviel, Lord of Phantasms"
  14. Here Your Card Has really Good Effects Effect Negation No Monster Effect Spell or (Trap Witch No one play Trap cards in 2021 if Name isn't Evenly Matched or Infinite Impermanence) If you want an Idea of the Power Creep in Yu-gi-oh Right Now Check out This Thread If You Want.
  15. But Old School Tirbutes are Little Too Slow may keep the rest of the Effects expect The Summon part of it Thats what is kinda of Holding this card back it needs to be Special Summoned Witch Would make it Easier to Use Rember People Don't Play for the Main Deck Monsters That rquire an old School Tirbute from the DM or GX ERA to Would rathere waste 3 monsters to bring out a monster from the Extraa Deck instead beacuse thats Faster So Please fix its Summon its too Much / Monsters on My Field No Way Just make it Banish 3 of My Monsters in The GY instead much Better then the way you putted it.
  16. Could You Be able To Special Summon it instead So Monster rebone Can Help it
  17. Hes Petty But Make it a Special Summon so You can just Monster Reborn it If Someone smasks it by battle Like Borrellord Dragon is EVIL.
  18. Its Decent Maybe Make it a Special Summon instead of of a Normal Summon I would Give it Protection Where It cannot Be Targeted by Card effects or Destroyed By Card Effects. Also It should it you Draw 1 card into your hand upon its Summon. It Should Say Cannot be Normal/Set Summon. You must Banish 3+ Monsters in your GY then Special Summon This card From your hand or GY.
  19. @Nobody Really Can You Please Vote on The Top Please Chooes a Loin that you think is good
  20. What Time is The Beat Test at?

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