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  1. What do you guys think about Power Creep?


    Spoiler: I Love Power Creep Don't take that against me please.

    Pinned Message:

    I want more Power Creep Burst of Destiny might offer some more Power Creep but idk we need to see overpowered effects on the next set, but in a reasonable way that will power creep older decks out of the game the stupid ass TCG did not offer no Power Creep and older Decks/Archetypes are still running around so Konami isn't doing enough to case a massive Power Creep in the TCG/OCG I WANT TO SEE MORE POWER CREEP IN THIS GAME YOU HEAR ME We still have Traptix and Madolches still running around still be completely viable Decks from 2012/2013 and where what 2021 why did the Power Creep slowdown I hate those Decks you here there older Decks I want them to fall to Power Creep so then we only see newer Decks, except stupid War Rocks Idk why they ever exist in the first place I said what I had to say off my chest you guys can replie to this message giving your own point of you.

    Konami F***ed up the Lightning Overdrive and King's Court they are bad sets along with Stupid Blazing Vortex offered nothing in Power Creep in the game whatsoever F*** Konami TCG are Power Creep is too slow and we get shitty TCG cards all the dam time this is why the OCG is much better.

    Don't take this offensive I'm not trying to insult anyone here but I prefer Face Pace Power Creep then it at a Slow Pace.

    I had no Hype on the last 3 sets we got here where lackluster oh let's not forget Ancient Guardians Sucked as well again this is why we need Stronger and Stronger sets every time they announce a new set giving Power Creep an edge over the current game and META.

    The new stuff needs more way more power to be META.

    *Change my mind*

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    2. Zefra Zamazenta

      Zefra Zamazenta

      The Power Creep has been kinda slow lately. I wanted Defensive Trap card to die in the drought of Power Creep now that the Power Creep slowed down abit the Trap Cards are viable again I f*cking HATE That no recent Power Creep came out.

    3. Mr. Best Male 2008

      Mr. Best Male 2008

      Power creep is fine, you can't have power creep every 2-3 sets because that's how you alienate your playerbase and cause your game to die. The game is already at high price to play competitively. Forcing power creep too fast makes it unaffordable to play competitively for a lot of people.

    4. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      Traps being viable again isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's a game element that has existed since the beginning and they were powercrept out for a bit due to how fast the game had gotten, so Konami had to figure out what they could do to make traps viable again and personally I don't mind that.
      Power creep definitely needs to be done in moderation though, and regarding Traptrix/Madolche, does it matter that they're still viable? Not really, neither of them are tier 1 anyway, I'd consider them rogue, and sure you may hate them, but other people enjoy them and I don't think they'd appreciate you saying you want them to fall to powercreep because you hate them.

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