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  1. hello! today we are doing a flame card contest! rules: deadline is march 30 must be fire attribute must be trap, xyz, or effect ok have fun! also heres some examples:
  2. hello everyone! this contest is to make a super mario yugioh card! requirements: must be level 2 or above (unless it is a goomba card) if the card can be found in large quantities (i.e. pokey) make it more powerful for every card on the field. can be a spell or trap, as long as it is a gizmo-type object (i.e. banzai bill, burner, warp door) deadline: jan 30 secret code: if you answer this question right, you win 1st place. what is the deadliest boss in super mario bros U? hint: super mario maker really helped me make this question. might want to tr
  3. yes you have a deadline of jan 30. no for the other one but each requirement counts as 2 pts and one more thing: DONT MAKE TOO OP BALANCE IS SUPER IMPORTANT
  4. hello everyone! this contest is to make the best card you can with a first word of "mana." requirements: cannot be synchro, xyz, fusion, (to come) link, pendulum, or any other special card besides ritual. if it is a ritual or monster, it must be DIVINE attribute. must have over 1500 ATK and DEF. if it is a spell or trap card, it must be either a ritual, quick-play, field, or equip. (if you do ritual, you need to make a "mana" ritual monster card to go with your spell or trap) must be level 6 or above. must have a spiral on the image. this is completely o
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