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  1. So ummmm.......guys don't make it too personal. Your comments were good Its just that I posted another card
  2. good cards but you can easily summon it witch can make it banned how about "this card must be summoned by tributing 2 level 7 or higher fire dragon monsters"
  3. I didn't t really mean cheater it just came out by mistake but what I meant there is like whoa there's a lot of guys judging the card from the first two seconds and when I made this card it was a time ago and at that time I was focusing on making some boss monsters
  4. fine if you don't like that card how about this whatever you say about this card I won't post another. I have posted this card since you didn't like the first but to make it fair to the others I won't post more
  5. its a good card but I have a question you say here that you should send all the cards in your deck to the gy then you will banish your gy then how can you draw and summon! and also this is a risky card that leads you to a deck out lose
  6. don't understand me wrong but destroying every card in your opponents hand and deck and also once per turn! Sorry but toooooooo op
  7. I made this card from a time ago it was meant to be a ghostrick support
  8. well I am out of ideas right now so can anyone give me some ideas to work on like a support for a card or archetype, or even create a deck based on like a anime or show or even some cards that represent some characters in real life or in show I am really up to anything.

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      I did cards for like every theme in yugioh so I thought that I need to think "outside the box" and ask some people. do you have like some ideas

    3. Dokutah Gory, Woundslinger

      Dokutah Gory, Woundslinger

      Dragon card but win the game with the most peaceful way possible

    4. drowsyCoffee


      What about a deck trying to abuse/is themed after some old, obscure pack filler card? Like, make a whole deck themed around Gold Moon Coin's effect, as in, a whole archetype with effs to add themselves to your opponent's hand and mess with them in some weird ways, like forcing them to spend their NS on it, or something like that. In general, this method of grabbing old gimmicky cards tends to be my favorite way of making custom artchetypes


      In particular, i think the Bamboo Sword series of cards, Left Arm Offering, Magical Stone Excavation, and Makyura the Destroyer are some good examples of some interesting gimmicks to design an archetype around. What about a Makyura combo deck, centered around monsters that under certain circumstances let you play traps the turn they're set? They would technically have a Graceful Charity in Danger?! Zone making em quite powerful, to give an example



  9. this is its bait bad but I was a bit pressed by the short period left. so after a few month a huge storm hit the kingdom and a strike of lightning hit the statue and made it alive (Frankenstein lol) anyways as it came Alive now its angry and wants revenge. so he started to chase the poor villagers but now he is no ordinary statue it gained some powers so now every person it touches turns into a statue and then the statue is destroyed after some time. so now the villagers have to find a way to stop this crazy statue from destroying them all! but then they have got a Idea and decided to it really quick. as machine its greatest weak point is water, so some of they people have took the statue to a hidden trap witch was a big hole and as soon as it fell in the trap they started to fill the hole with tons of water. and after some time the statue has stop moving. the hole was covered after that so nothing similar happens again and the kingdom lived happily ever after (classic disney). again sorry if the lore is bad but the time limit was a bit short so I came up fast with any thing being a machine goes to the fact that it really had some machine parts in it, and the dark goes for the thing that its yeah evil, and the punish counter for turning to the statue form
  10. let me give it a shot! sorry if the lores are a bit bad I am not really good at this kind of stuff I dont know if its ok to do a spell but here it is lore: A long time ago there were was a big kingdom that was ruled by 3 bad brothers they were always doing bad things to there people for there own good. It stayed like this for a years and years, but one day the people of the kingdom have had enough from those brothers so they decided to kill them. so one day in the thick dark night some of the people of the kingdom snuck inside the palace and went to the brothers's room, the guards didn't stop them since they were being treated bad by them as well so the people of the village smashed into the room and killed them then they build this statue on them.(I know this look like these stupid fantasy stories we see in cartoons but I don't have anything else in mind the effect destroys the monster that uses others to power his own leading to the brothers were using there people for there own good and that ended by them geting `punished` If a spell is not ok here is a monster lore: this is a unkown creature that was moving around the universe destroying every thing in its way. They say that this creature has the ability to take the power from anything he destroys witch makes it unstoppable, they say that If it used all. the power it has it can destroy the whole universe! the effect here of taking the destroyed monster's ATK/DEF points and effect goes to the fact that it takes the power of what it destroys and destroying all the cards goes to using its full power. for the type its unknown because nobody know what it really is, and dark because it destroys thing so like evil.
  11. Well there is a LOT of cards that I like but this is my favourite and also it's my first created card ever (I know it's a bit op but it's still my favourite)
  12. Ultimate mirror force (mirror force) Trap. Destroy all the monsters your opponent controls
  13. Make a number card you can use the used numbers like number 39 and number 62 to create new number monsters you can also do C numbers to monsters who already exist like number C17 chaos leviathan dragon and also for non existent monsters you can also create a S number and F number without it being a utopia or Zexal you can also create new number types like Number D62 (but when making a new type explain what it means in the POST not the card for example the D stands for Destiny) you can use your new types on the real numbers monsters or ones from your mind Good luck everyone and remember to (feel the flow)
  14. I know ITSUKSOADO told me that and I was just waiting for him to send the correct one
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