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  1. Well there is a LOT of cards that I like but this is my favourite and also it's my first created card ever (I know it's a bit op but it's still my favourite)
  2. Ultimate mirror force (mirror force) Trap. Destroy all the monsters your opponent controls
  3. Make a number card you can use the used numbers like number 39 and number 62 to create new number monsters you can also do C numbers to monsters who already exist like number C17 chaos leviathan dragon and also for non existent monsters you can also create a S number and F number without it being a utopia or Zexal you can also create new number types like Number D62 (but when making a new type explain what it means in the POST not the card for example the D stands for Destiny) you can use your new types on the real numbers monsters or ones from your mind Good luck everyone and remember to (feel the flow)
  4. I know ITSUKSOADO told me that and I was just waiting for him to send the correct one
  5. It's good but don't you think that it helps your opponent more than helping you
  6. Create a Spellcaster monster that has the name Magician in it Deadline 5/7/2021
  7. Good cards but I have 1 question why is the ritual spell named medical bills even though the monster you summon with it is named trainer and why bills you don't pay lp to activate this card look how about this Training bills Ritual spell This card is used to summon “Pokemon Trainer Joey” Pay 1000 lp then send monsters from your deck to your graveyard that there total levels are 10 or more
  8. Good card but I think the last effect is a little op and risky in the end you may lose with this cards effect and gaining counters isn't hard because there aren't always monster in front of other monsters columns and it only needs 5 attacks to bring any player to 0 lp
  9. I think he made a switch spell
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