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  1. I know that but what I mean was that the card game didn't appear to much in the season there were other games also their was no rules for the card game so kaiba can “screw the rules” as much as he want
  2. I put Atticus because he used more red eyes cards than Joey
  3. Dude its not a synchro monster to say that it needs 3level 3 fire monsters+ a level 2 monster even if you combine their level it will not be enough because they will equal 11 and your monster rank is 12 look to summon a XYZ monster you need monster with the same level and the levels of your monsters that you use to XYZ summon must be equal to the XYZ monster you want to summon rank like if you want to XYZ summon number 39: utopia you need 2 level 4 monsters because there level are equal to its rank so why don't you put that to XYZ summon this monster you need 3 level 12 Fire monsters
  4. Make a XYZ monster and post it here good luck everyone Ends at 20/4/2021
  5. Hi there This is a contest for Yu-Gi-Oh characters cards you can choose from any part of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime (DM,GX,5D's etc...) Then post it here The rules The level must be biased on the character's Skills the more skills the characters have the more level it be. The ATK points must be biased on the character's Attack abilities in the characters deck like monsters with high attack points or monsters or spells or traps that have a effect of gaining ATK points or that makes a monster attack multiple times. The DEF points are like the attack points they're biased on the
  6. Hi! I am IBRAHIM I am 13 i am a Yu-Gi-Oh player who makes cards of different types. I loved Yu-Gi-Oh since I was 7 years old and from that day I started to learn Yu-Gi-Oh and now I am a pro! I wanted to create Yu-Gi-Oh cards a long time ago, cards people use in their duels and now I am creating cards from different themes such as dark magicians. if you want to see it go to my forums in casual cards and see yourself. Here is my best created card
  7. I don't think it's good I don't underestimate you but I think the effects makes no sense because the first one gains your opponent 3000 LP for you to draw 1 card and you also discard cards from your hand but if the player gains the LP it will be better
  8. The golden key is a mistake its the emperor's key Working on 5Ds collection
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