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  1. Just as a quick update, I've now changed the effect for the card to be the one in the post above, and honestly I think I'm happy with this card now. Now I'm going to focus on expanding the archetype itself and making it a more concise idea. Thanks again to everyone who's helped with the card text and the idea, I appreciate it all!
  2. Honestly I thought this card wasn't gonna get looked at and had given up on it, but WOW thank you guys for checking it out! I appreciate the PSCT fixes, and will be applying them to the card! Honestly, I thought that if I had that strong of a negate on wheels that only needed 1 detach to constantly recycle materials onto it, that would be too much, but I think that actually it would be quite interesting. Plus, looking back at it, tonnes of cards that aren't XYZs monsters have negates attached to them, so it shouldn't be a huge deal. So I'll be changing it to 1 detach for the effect. And h
  3. Okay, so I've been doing some tinkering with the effect wording and I've come up with a sort of "Best of Both Worlds" sort of solution? Because I also enjoy the idea of being able to point-remove Spells from the GY, but flavour-wise and rulings-wise it would be easier to only be able to ACTIVATE Normal/Quick-Play spells, so I've come up with this. CC welcomed! I think this gets me the effect I truly want, without having to add anymore clauses to the card that would make the effect cluttered (Like a "Until the End Phase" in the case of Continuous and Field, and some sort of Union-esque
  4. Awesome, I thought it would work like that, which is good because it is a good way to stall the Dragoon by bringing out your own. @Mr Melon That did answer my question exactly! By showing me how the interaction plays out that answers the question of if the Dragoon could negate the summon. As it would come out at the same time, it would not be able to negate Anaconda, hence it could not prevent the Summon. Thanks for clearing that up for me guys, this has given me some ideas
  5. Awesome, I had hoped so. Thank you! I have used decks with Dragoon/Anaconda combos in them, and from what I've seen it's that you can summon up until you copy R/E Fusion, and then you're locked out of Special Summons. So, it's pretty cool that it works that way! Thanks for the feedback! WOW! This is awesome, thank you so much! Definitely gonna update the card text with this new effect, that makes far more sense. Honestly I thought I would be locked out of using Equips/Continuous Spells anyways, but thinking back it probably would have been a better idea to have the restric
  6. Yeah, honestly the name was originally gonna be "Kithkin" but it turns out that was a pure MtG invention and not based on folklore (name-wise at least), but researching into the name "Kithra" is another name for Mermaid. So, that changed the focus to being a WATER rather than LIGHT or EARTH, and if I had artwork it would look like a Merfolk Sorceress/Apprentice. Which is a far departure from short elf-like people . I hadn't thought about it being able to bypass the costs, I was thinking that it would still have to pay them to activate the effect? But that could be me not interpreting car
  7. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, to be fair that was my concern with it as well, but I honestly think that is isn't too bad. Not sure about all of the interactions, but unless they have a Spell Card you can use in your deck then I imagine you wouldn't be able to activate it. Though, I think then it becomes a good "Called By The Grave" situation where you can banish a card that they could get back (Looking mainly at Sky Strikers here).
  8. Kithira Spellthief L2/WATER Spellcaster/Tuner/Effect (Quick Effect): You can discard 1 Spell, then target 1 Spell in either GY; banish it, and if you do and it is a Normal or Quick-Play Spell that meets its activation conditions, this effect becomes that Spell's effect when that card is activated, also you cannot activate Spell Cards or effects until the End Phase. You can only use this effect of "Kithira Spellthief" once per turn. 500/700 I hope that I've worded the effect properly, but if I haven't the basic jist is that this card allows you to either: ● Recur non-o
  9. I really like this card, it's a really cool concept. I've always found cards that can alter their type/attribute or name interesting, and this one is definitely peak with that. Having it be able to alter it's type to fit with your deck is great, as allot of archetypes could splash this into theirs happily and it would add a lil' tech choice to them (for example, Cybers, Blackwings and HEROs [though, it's already a warrior but you get what I mean] or even Dark Magician decks, as well as the slew of Cyberse, Dinosaur and Dragon decks out there), it adds to it and can give some of them a really s
  10. I like it allot! It fits the theme of the archetype quite nicely, and is an interesting take on the main ability (having it attach instead of equip). It is balanced by the actual number of Cyberdark monsters you can control, which is nice. My main concern with this card is that there are some really powerful Dragon and Machine monsters this thing can fish for, and having multiple attached to it at the same time could make this thing hit harder than a powered up Gren Maiju without having to go as negative to do so. With protection on top, that's pretty nasty. But, it's still weak to the common
  11. Before getting into the review, there's some grammatical errors here and there, and it refers to itself by two different name in the card text. However, I thing the PSCT is solid, so it's just lil things here and there (comma splice etc.), and I still get what the card is doing. I think it's a really interesting concept. Quite a steep activation cost, but the recursion cost from the GY is not too bad depending on the decks built around it. I think it's a bit strong being able to just dead-drop this card from your hand, but since it's summon can't be negated it can still be stopped
  12. Number C27: Ironclad Chaos Dreadnoid R5/WATER Machine/XYZ/Effect 3+ Level 5 Monsters Cannot be destroyed by battle. You can negate any effect activated by your opponent, that would destroy this card by detaching 1 material from this card, then you can attach that card to this card as material. If this card has "Number 27: Dreadnaught Dreadnoid" as material, it gains this effect: ● If your opponent Special Summons a monster from the Extra Deck (Quick Effect): Immediately after this effect resolves, Special Summon a Rank 10 or higher Machine monster from your Extra Deck, and transfer u
  13. I'll be sure to! To be honest, the most recent version of Warhammer 40k is probably the best to get into, because it's not as complex as 7th and before, but it's also a money vortex so buyer beware. The figures are so cool. My favourite aesthetically are the Tyranids or Orks, but my favourite faction to play is Blood Angels
  14. I like it! Overall, I think it's a decent combo extender, allowing you to fusion summon a couple of times with it effectively. Whilst probably not the top target for cards like Vyon depending on the build, it's still a very solid card in a HERO deck due to it's recursion. I don't really know too much about the overall HERO strategy when it comes down to it, it's never really been my thing, but I'm not sure about the restriction on the type of Extra Deck HERO monsters it can bring out. I understand limiting it, being able to cheat out a Dark Law or something similar to that power le
  15. Hello! So, I used to lurk here ages ago but never made an account, and then I stopped playing Yu-Gi-Oh and drifted off. But, ever since, ya know, last year, I started playing again online via YGO Pro and Duel Nexus, and now I'm back and finally ready to start posting! I know the site and the game's changed allot since I started playing years and years ago, but I really enjoy the current format and the game, and outside of working I'm always happy to duel. Other than that, I mostly enjoy cooking and tabletop gaming in general (mostly Warhammer 40k if I'm being honest). Loo
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