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  1. Updated the original four cards and provided some spell and trap support as well.
  2. Takedus, Ally by Choice Monster/Effect Level 4/EARTH/Warrior/ATK 1800/DEF 1500 When a monster(s) you control would be destroyed (quick effect): you can return this card to your hand, instead. and if you do, Special Summon 1 "Takedus" monster from your hand during your next Standby Phase. When this monster is Normal or Special Summoned; put 1 card from your hand on the bottom of your deck: draw 1 card. === Takedus, Ally of Light Monster/Effect Level 4/LIGHT/Warrior/ATK 1800/DEF 1500 When a monster(s) you control would be destroyed (quick effect): you can
  3. Hi everyone. My name is Taka (well on here at least), and I'm a Rockaholic. I believe this started when I first got into TCGs with Pokemon cards during the Red and Blue era. In middle school I got into Yu-Gi-Oh a little bit, but managed to quit not too long after. However in high school and college, I was reintroduced to TCGs such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic and completely taken away by something that was missing before: control decks. In particular, Rock Stun and Abzan Nic Fit. And that's my story on how I became a Rockaholic.
  4. Block Dog 3 | Earth | Rock | Effect 700 / 1800 Once per turn: If a Rock monster(s) you control would be destroyed by battle or a card effect: you can banish a non-EARTH monster from your graveyard instead. Honestly have no idea on Power Level regarding the current meta, but I will go through my design process: 1. EARTH and Rock because it is meant to slot into Rock Stun and Adamancipator lists. 2. Level 3 to act as a counterpart to Block Golem. 3. Banishes a non-EARTH monster to protect Rock monsters to help facilitate Block Golem after an Adamancipator synchro has b
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