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  1. Edits have been made to the cards, and you can see both the new version and the old version side by side to compare. Changes were made to make the grammar more in line with modern Yugioh, and Copy effects were (mostly) gotten rid of.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback! Don't worry, obviously I can tell your critiques are all completely genuine. I know that the copy effect is overpowered (Tyrant Neptune showed that off with just monsters) but I wanted some type of "unifying effect" for the "Isekaiman" cards. I'll definitely give them a once over to try and limit what can be done, maybe like with what you said of just having it be Archetype Spell/Trap/Monster Effects. Especially thanks for all of the fixing of card text. It has been way too long since I had sat down and rediscovered the wording for how cards should be
  3. Follow up question then, I already posted in Casual, but think it would be better in Realistic, should I delete by post from Casual?
  4. If I made a post for my cards in Casual Cards, can I make another post with those same cards in Realistic Cards, or is that considered Spam Posting?
  5. A Set/Archetype based (loosely) on the trope of Isekais (or being transported to a different world) that have been appearing in Anime as of late. Main Deck Monsters -Fixed Card text -Fixed Card Text, changed copy effect to more card adding effects. -Fixed Card Text, changed copy effect to more card adding effects. -Fixed Card text, put a time restriction on Pendulum Effect -Changed text of the card -Changed text of the card and ATK and DEF values Kancha, Demon Lord of the Isekai's Effect (OLD VERSION)
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