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  1. This card was made more as a fun talking piece and I kinda just made the title clickbait. The point of this card was always to be the last push to finish the game but a draw 5 was busted right? I figured that I'd make a gimmick card that would be incredibly restrictive and volatile. If the card was any ACTUAL good it would be banned right? Going +4 is insane in yugioh but I agree that it can be more playable than it's first incarnation, but like clearly not TOO much more playable so I made a second version with two buffs, 1 its a spell, 2 its UP TO 5 cards instead of five exactly, 3 I made it
  2. Last Parade Draw 5 cards. If you have any cards in your Deck, GY, or Extra; Lose the Duel.
  3. I like this most of this, it's real solid suggestion bc I totally forgot to make it have the "At the start of your main phase 1:" I meant it to be something that if you wanted the effect of you'd have to play within it's effect, as the inability to destroy it yourself would suggest. The "Protection" is more supposed to be a restriction so you cant just play it and then destroy it your next turn after denying your opponent plays for a turn. As for the fact that YOU can summon effect monsters, thats kinda something I thought would make it more skill testing. For any card you could bring out that
  4. -The Hero's Journey- This card can only be played at the beginning of your main phase 1; Banish 1 Normal Monster from your hand. Neither player can special summon an Effect Monster with ATK higher than the highest ATK Normal Monster on the field. This card can only be destroyed, banished or returned to the hand or deck by your opponent. If you do not control at least 1 Normal Monster, this card has no effect. Intended to be a solid flood gate for building up tributes while denying your opponent the ability to start *most* of their combos. Works well with "Law of the Normal", "Triangl
  5. -Graydle Darnworx Corroded Navibot- You take no battle damage with battles involving this card. If this card is destroyed by battle you can destroy 1 Monster in your Spell/Trap Zone excluding Pendulum cards to destroy all Spell/Trap cards in your opponent's Spell/Trap Zone. If this card is in your GY, you can banish it; add 2 "Graydle" cards from your GY to your hand. You can only activate one effect of "Graydle Darnworx Corroded Navibot" per turn. -Graydle Darnworx Collection Crew- When this card is Normal Summoned you can Special Summon 1 Aqua/Tuner from your Hand,
  6. I'm new here, name is White and uh... Well I like making custom cards and pestering my pals to look at them. Dunno exactly why I didn't actually make an account for here tbh, I've been makin' cards here for about a year now. Due to a recent bsod I had I lost mosta my cards but I still got a few and I plan on makin' tons of fun little architypes for people to look at. All in all I guess I just wanna say "Hi" ta everyone here! I hope I find some slick cards on here and I hope that ya end up likin' the cards I make for you folks!
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