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  1. Rainburner, Pheonixian Howler Level 10/LIGHT/Winged-Beast/Effect Sapphire Eclipse + Ruby Blazar Must be Fusion Summoned. Cannot be Targeted by Card Effects. Once Per Turn, When this card is destroyed by Card Effect, You can Special Summon from your GY, One of this card's materials from the GY. Once Per Turn, Banish 3 cards from your GY, Draw 1 Card, Then your opponent gains 2000 LP. You can only use each effect of "Rainburner, Pheonixian Howler" Once Per Turn. Ruby Blazar, Pheonix Of The Eternal Day Rank 7/FIRE/Winged-Beast/Effect 2 Level 7 Monsters Once
  2. S.S. Spectre


    Infinity On High Spell: Quick-Play Target any number of your Beast-Type monsters in the GY, Special Summon then to your side of the field in defense position, also you cannot summon monsters for the rest of this turn except Beast-Type Xyz monsters. You also cannot Set Spell/Traps this turn.
  3. Im just Gonna write out the archetype and may just post it within the next week or so.
  4. 2 questions. 1. Do you do your own art and if so, would you be willing to help me create the new archetype coming in march? 2. How did you make a pendulum monster
  5. This A Complete Revamp Of My Original Post That I Did. I Even Added A Few Cards To This.
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