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  1. Well so far I am just doing the frames xD I am a terrible artist (both drawing and pc art apps)0 sadly so I am hiring a artist to look at the material and then make them into cards :D
  2. Joshuam303


    Hey! I am new here, I joined to make custom cards for my yugioh minecraft server and I am loving this card maker :D
  3. the theme is medieval knights in a apocalypse world**
  4. Hi! I am trying to design a cool custom apocalypse archetype for my yugioh mc server and the Archetype is named "Ruined World" and so far I have - "Ruined Scavenger" (Effect Monster) "Ruined World" (Field spell) "Ruined Knight" (Effect monster) I am not sure about other things I could do, also should I have them have XYZ or synchro?
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